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I just got a letter in the mail today from Doug Kidder saying this is the end of Open Water Rowing. I havent received an issue since last March - and now wont receive another. It's a real shame, David Stookey did such a fantastic job on the newsletter in the past. In the words of Barry Donahue from A Club for all Seasons - The Cape Cod Vikings "How many groups do we join in our lives, and how few do we stick with? It takes a special blend of people, place and purpose to make us continue the experience for years - the type of experience which, if someone asked us, "What were the best chapters of your life?" we'd have to put it high on the list" I truly will miss Open Water Rowing, I'd wait for it and read it cover to cover the day it arrived. - I just hope they keep this online forum up and running, it's been truly inspiring.

-- Stephen Borghardt (, October 11, 2002


It is sad all around that David burned out on the newsletter. I stepped in with good intentions, but found that I didn't have anywhere near David's energy and capabilities.

The intent is to keep the site running -- hopefully even with some fresh content.


-- Doug Kidder (, October 11, 2002.

You're absolutely right that the content is out there -- in rough form. I have sitting here on my desk an absolutely great piece of writing from David Bean about rowing around the coast of Texas. The print publication is really logistically challenging.

David had all that pretty well under control, but I found it a real uphill struggle to figure it all out. I am hoping that a website will be more flexible and be able to absorb and post all the wonderful content that is out there without worrying about editing and making it all fit just so.


-- Doug Kidder (, October 16, 2002.

Does it really have to end? As we know, rowers are the most intelligent and creative people on the planet. If we were to access the resources, pictures and editorials of all the Open Water Rowing members, then wouldn't that present ample material to continue a news letter? If you guys didn't want to organize this, I would.

-- Cork (, October 16, 2002.

Cork, I dont think Doug or David were ever short on material. It's the effort and time that goes into coordinating the advertising, printing, and that great stuff they do in photoshop to crop everything so it fits on a page, etc...etc.. A friend of mine runs a small music paper here on Long Island on the side, and from what I can see it's no small task to put together a paper on a regular basis. If anyone out there knows of any publication that is specific to open water rowing (not kayaking) I'd like to subscribe to it. I dont care how small, local or if it consists of 2 pages stapled together, I'll read it. Thanks

-- Stephen Borghardt (, October 16, 2002.

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