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I have just had a thought, and would appreciate any comments.

I had a letter on 16/9 from Counselling Intermediary Services ltd on behalf of Halifax chasing 30K. I wrote back to them asking for all the docs listed to ask for on this site, eg. MIG, estate agents info, mortgage deed, blah, blah.

I sent another letter to CISL the next day asking how much a SARn would cost. I also stopped paying 10 a month I had been paying to Addleshaw Booth & Co for 'costs' incurred, and agreed back in 1998 when I was young and naive! (although I haven't informed anyone except for bank about this).

I haven't heard anything on either of these matters, i.e the standing order or the letters I requested? I didn't get even get an acknowledgement of the letter I sent to CISL for the docs, but I know they must have received it because I always put my address on the back of the envelope in case of touble with delivery. Do you think I should write back to CISL asking for the info again, or should I just deal direct with Halifax now?


-- One Angry Mother (madcow678@hotmail.com), October 11, 2002


Hi Tracey,

I wouldn't bother writing to CISL if they can't be bothered to answer you it's no loss, they can take months to answer. We were dealing with Hammonds, Suddards & Edge and then Bradford & Bingley and at the moment it's all gone quiet for about 7 months. Don't waste your money on the stamp, you responded to their request so let them respond to yours.

Good luck.

-- Chris (chris@anon.co.uk), October 11, 2002.

Hi Tracey,

I am not sure that I agree with the reply to this one.

To protect yourself I would recommend sending one final letter in two weeks time should no reply be received in between, asking for copies of all items (as per your first lender to the co) Stating that a copy of this letter will be used as evidence in any court action taken to prove attempts to resolve this matter have been made.

Additionally if the letter you replied to was received 16/9, even if you sent your reply the same day then they may not have received the info from your lender yet!

I would not issue a SARN (don't ask how much it is, in the majority of cases it is either 10 or free of charge - they will reimburse any overpayment anyway)

Issuing a SARN will not really help you with this lender, Halifax are quite good with their compliance. (also a SARN should be issued to the lender, not their collection companies etc.)

Dealing direct with the Halifax is quicker, but unless you want them to react quick (i.e. you have money to pay them or are willing to pay) why bother, use CISL, unless you receive correspondence directly from your lender.

If you need a template letter either look on this site or reply to me and I will draft you one.



PS what happened in 1998, regarding Addleshaw Booth and Co 'costs incurred'. WHat did you agree to, what was these costs incurred?

-- Paul Adamson (paul.adamson@btclick.com), October 11, 2002.

CISL will most probably have sent your letter to Halifax as you've asked for documents and not done as they want and paid up without question. I've had letters from CISL before and they just do debt collection just like all the others. I find that as soon as I respond and ask for information, they stop writing.

It'll probably be best if you can deal with Halifax directly as they will have all the information, but I'd hang on until they can be bothered to write to you directly rather than sending in a lackey. If you get more letters, then just write back asking for the information you want.

CISL will just have the information which Halifax have provided them and their own notes and unless you can afford to, I wouldn't bother with a SARN, although it might be interesting to know what Halifax are saying about you.

Even if Halifax are good at their compliance, having all the information they have about you in your own possession isn't a bad idea.

-- pendle (pendle_666@yahoo.co.uk), October 13, 2002.

They must be telepathic! A letter arrived on the door mat on Saturday morning, with a couple of bits of paperwork, which they say should be sufficient to now pay the bill. I have some more queries though as a result.

1. They have quoted a court case re the mig, Woolwich B/s V Brown 13/12/95, Judge Waller: Commercial Court. Can anyone tell me where I can find the transcripts, or what the actual case entailed. I really feel this is very important.

2. Is a mig relevant to 6 or 12 year law? even though I can prove I was mis-sold it, the insurance company have sent Halifax a letter dated 4/10/2002! telling them they can chase the debt on their behalf, and they will split the proceeds! this stinks of fraud, because of the date of the letter, or am I being paranoid? this is why 6 or 12 year law is relevant.

I have another 8 points that are not quite all they seem, but don't want to print them here. I'll keep them up my sleeve. Mind you, I wouldn't mind a bit of advice off site, from some one with more knowledge of the law, if anyone is offering.

Paul - I think you asked what the costs from 1998 were. Apparantly they were the costs incurred in the sale of the property, which I agreed to pay under duress. I refuted the shortfall and kept asking for proof, which they would not provide. At the time I was a single mother living on part time wage and thought they could black list me, or throw me out of my home and because I couldn't afford legal advice, stayed ignorant until now. I now believe, even the costs have been fabricated.

Thanks for everyone's comments so far.


-- One Angry Mother (madcow678@hotmail.com), October 14, 2002.

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