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Okay, well since everyones going on about no one posting, well surprise surprise, here i am!! Joy, joy i hear you cry!!! hehe.

Well i was wondering today, in yet another way-too-long lesson of chemistry *gags*, what the colour of pepsi actually is...... i mean, everyone says its brown...... but when u put it up to the sun.. its reddish..... and then... if u look at it from above its black... and omg it has a thousand kabillion colours in it! SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ME A SOLID COLOUR FOR PEPSI! I CANT SLEEP NE MORE!!!!!!! LOL!

-- Tabby (, October 11, 2002


interesting concept.... i say we start a REBELLION! everyone write the pepsi company. CANT YOU SEE THIS IS A CONSPIRACY!?!?!??!?!?!? and I'VE HEARD that pepsi takes the rust off of cars. WHAT KINDOF DEVILRY IS THIS?!??!?!??!?!?!?!?!??!!??!?!?!?!?

i dont knows about yous all... but all i knows is, i'm armed with my pitchfork and burning torch...

-- Emily~*~ (, October 11, 2002.

Maybe im TOOOOOOOOOoo old but do any of ya remember Crystal Pepsi??? Have you seen the new BLUE PEPSI??? its like berry flavored......theyre coming out with all these new flavors.....I drink Dr. Pepper and they have a new RED one and it tastes the same. Its enuf to cause premature balding.....:oS

-- Amanda (, October 11, 2002.

omg i totally agree! makes ya wanna pull yer hair out almost! *as clumps fall to the floor*

now ya'll made me thirsty. shame!

-- Emily~*~ (, October 13, 2002.

I remember Crystal Pepsi...I liked it...can't say the same for New Coke tasted like Pepsi, and drinking Pepsi out of a Coke can was just too weird. At the Coca Cola Museum in Atlanta there is a room where you can try different flavors of sodas made by Coke that are sold around the world (most of the cool ones are not for sale in the USA).

Anyone ever had JOLT? (All the sugar and twice the caffeine!!) I lived on Jolt when I was like 19-20 years old and in a band...I miss it LOL.

-- Mic (, October 14, 2002.

Oh yeah, and Coke (or Pepsi) is great for removing that ugly buildup around your car battery terminals!! Also 1 can of Coke per 1 bucket of mop water makes a slick floor safer for dancers (a theatre tip I learned from an old friend lol)...

-- Mic (, October 14, 2002.

All my years living in Ga I've never been to the CC museum!!! They're moving it you kno. From Underground to Centennnial Olympic Park. Its gonna take a few years, but they're thinking its gonna make Underground go UNDER!!! Literally!!!!

Mic O'Hillbylly of my heart! The coke on the battery terminal has saved my life MANY TIMES LOL! When you drive a car thats 35 years old THE BATTERY LOVES TO CORRODE OVER!!! Coke will also clean the schit off of a mucky windshield, like when youre driving in the rain and its all gross from road buildup and you cant see, pour a can of coke on it!!! (recommended IN THE RAIN ONLY LOL!!!!)I have done this in MANY rainstorms!!!

Hey Emily!!! :o) How are you dear!!! Have fun on your trip???'re hiding again!!! Linda.....I aint seen ya in a while...I still promise I'll email!!!! Tabby THANKS FOR A NEW POST TO PUT A LITTLE LIFE IN THE BOARD!!!!!! :o)

-- Amanda (, October 14, 2002.

Hey Mic,


OK so its October and almost Halloween, I couldnt resist!!!!

-- Amanda (, October 14, 2002.

'How are those maggots?'


'You're eating maggots, Michael. How do they taste?'

-- Mic (, October 14, 2002.

"Leave him alone"

-- Amanda (, October 14, 2002.

Boy am I really glad I gave up drinking coke, pepsi or any other such stuff years ago if it does all that. I also heard if you leave a piece of meat in it, the meat will what the heck does it do to your insides.

Yeah Amanda I have looked for ya a few times on MSN now, different times still I guess and yeah email me LOL

-- Linda (, October 14, 2002.

OMG IT DOES!??!?! I SO HAVE TO TRY THAT! now i just gotta find a spare hunk o meat.... hmm...

ne hoo im glad that my pathetic little post gave the board a bit of talkin to do, hehe

take care,

-- Tabby (, October 15, 2002.

Also the acid in coke and pepsi and soft drinks are the same acid that is responsible for creating limestone caverns LOL! Except the acid in the drinks are over 100 times stronger than the acid that eats out caverns LOL!.(learned that at mammoth caves LOL! I cant remember what the acid is???)

-- Amanda (, October 15, 2002.

OH. MY. GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


-- Tabby (, October 15, 2002.

Cavern? anyone?????

puh-leez dont tell me that no one has a spare cavern that they can lend me...

-- Tabby (, October 16, 2002.

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