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Can anyone help me with advise on Council Flat Repossession. I have not been paying all the rent due to an ongoing query from last year, yet the council are seeking repossession of my flat.

-- Richard Hedley-Charlton (, October 11, 2002


Hi Richard,

I presume you mean Council Flat eviction, as you refer to non payment of 'rent' rather than mortgage payments.

Contact the council and write to them immediately advising them that you are offering to pay X (affordable and if possible divide your arrears balance by 26, this will allow the arrears to be cleared within 6 months) towards your arrears balance whilst maintaining your ongoing rent amount.

Also state in the letter the reason for the arrears and enclose copies of any previous letters you have sent them.

If possible pay the full arrears balance as if the council does proceed to court a judge may ask you why you have spent the rent and not placed the weekly amounts into a bank account until your query was satisifed.

Even if you cannot pay off immediately a judge does not necessarily evict you if you are offering to gradually clear the arrears. The last thing the council or a judge want to do is make you homeless and only when they have reasonable doubt of your repayment offer will they go through with their threats.

Contact the CAB about your situation and seek advice from them.

Best of luck,



-- Paul Adamson (, October 11, 2002.

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