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My Husband has today received a alloction questionaire from a Solicitors on behalf of the Halifax. What is it for? They are still threatening us with court action but have stated in this letter that they will now accept 3,000.00 lump sum or 4,000.00 in monthly payments of 80.00. (I wish we had that much to spare). We sent them a letter a few days ago asking questions as to how the amount of shortfall was made up, and that we wanted to see invoices and also about some insurances he has been charged for, but we don't know what they are for either. I did state that these questions would need to be answered, also why the property was taken of the open market after only 6 weeks and not left on the open market for 4 months as the valuers report stated. As yet they have declined to answer.

-- Christine Singleton (, October 10, 2002


Christine, can you scan the "allocation questionaire" and post it on the site, I've never heard of of and would be quite interested to see one. Have you SARNed the BS yet?, if you have and they still keep pestering you for a resolution, write back and politely state that once you have had the documentation that you have asked for and reviewed the contents then you will be in a better position to deal with their queries, until then they are to stop pestering you or you will seek legal consul and prepare a claim for harrassment and possible fraud. I suspect that an allocation questionaire is just another name for a I&E Form (Income and Expenditure) Keep fighting.


-- John (, October 10, 2002.

Hi Christine,

If you are are at the allocation questionaire stage then they have issued proceedings against you. You should have already received their claim from the court and prepared and filed you defence. The Allocation questionaire is prepared so that the court can allocate the case to the approprite track, ie Fast Track or Multi Track. The stage that follows this is the Case Management Conference.

If you can confirm that this is the stage that you are at I may be able to give you some ideas on how to complete the form and what to expect next.

Regards Andrew

-- Andrew Goodwin (, October 27, 2002.

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