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I have today received a Letter, it,s a S/D and with a afadavit from someone trying to serve it( International Global Intelligence,based in romford,essex) for my ex/wife and demanding her to contact Geldard solicitors in Cardiff and a date set at 18/11/2002 for hearing etc.I am puzzled by this as i have been divorced for over 8 years and my ex went abroad back to her parents and in the past when i have received letters for her i have always returned to sender ( does not live here).I have already fought Brittanic in court and on 5/9/2002 set a side a s/d served on me in june and sent them packing with their barrister's tail between his legs, on various grounds Time limit,massaged accounts statement with exceptionally high figures and abnormal entries etc and subsequently have heard nothing from them and now this has arrived today from the same company.

Please help as i need info on how to tackle this or do i just send back the documents and stress that she does not live here or should i forward a recorded delivery of judgement against britannic money and the letter sent to the court for the attention of district judge jones.

I am totally confused and thought i had buried the evil ghost, after my court victory in september.

-- Mohammed Aleem (abuzahara@aol.com), October 09, 2002


It looks as though the International Global Intelligence people have traced your ex-wife to her last known address in the UK and unless they know which country she went to live in then it's going to be pretty hard finding her. I've had this happen to me when someone went to live abroad, despite telling people that she'd gone, I was pestered for years with debt collectors, because mine was the last known address.

If you just send the letter and S/D back then it might not be the end of the matter and you'll still be pestered. I'd suggest you go and see a solicitor and get them to send a letter in the strongest terms telling IGI to get lost - it need not cost much - about 50 if that. IGI are more likely to pay attention to a solicitor than you.

hope this helps.

-- pendle (pendle_666@yahoo.co.uk), October 13, 2002.

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