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I am looking to buy a repossessed house in the Berkshire (Wokingham to Windsor) area but am unsure how to find out what is available. Not sure if this is the right place to be looking. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?


-- Ben Iffland (, October 09, 2002



Perhaps you would like to click on the Home Page of this website, READ the information and then decide whether you came to the right place or not. There's a point in the right direction for you!!

-- Chris (, October 09, 2002.

Right-e-o Ben! See Chris's advice.


-- Geoff Winters (, October 09, 2002.

Spot on Geoff & Chris. Why Mr Iffland are you trying to obtain repo's? Why don't you just go to the estate agents and have a look to what's on the market, rather than trying to take the P and try to wind people up!

-- Biggles aka Perfect world (, October 09, 2002.

I put it to Mr Iffland (who sent me a rather rude email) in the private emails he's been sending.

Geoff to Mr Iffland- Your question can gravely upset people on this site, as the sufferers have gone through a lot of pain (which is why they use the site). I appologise for being sarky, if you are gen, but a it would be nice if you wrote a sentence saying your sorry if the comment upset others. You see we get many people trying to take the michael all the while and really their attitude and actions are childish.

His reply was Of course I was 'gen'. Believe it or not I do have better things to do with my life than to try and antagonise people who have been evicted from there homes. But conversly anyone that gets 'gravely upset' but a person asking such a simple question should be getting referred to a doctor!

Make your own decisions

-- Geoff Winters (, October 09, 2002.

My usual response to this type of question is two fingers but I'm feeling remarkably calm of late and so I will give you the benefit of years of accumulated wisdom Ben.

First of all, it may have escaped your notice that the property market in the South East of England (Berkshire included - despite it being the county with the largest collection of weirdos)has grown rather heated of late.

What this means is that most if not all residential property (plus anything that can remotely be considered 'convertable')has undergone an enormous price hike.

If you attend the nearest and next property auction in your vicinity Ben, you will notice that properties sell well in excess of their reserve prices, be they repossessed or not.

The false idea or urban myth if you like that there is this 'list' or source of repossessed properties available somewhere that prospective bargain hunters such as yourself can tap into for underpriced property sales, is widely disseminated but still just a MYTH!

The only people likely to make big profits from this activity are either well placed estate agents, whose staff are often able to 'buy' a repossessed house cheaply before selling it on immediately at a premium, or the purveyors of junk mail newsletters who claim to be able to set mugs such as you Ben on the road to creating a property portfolio fortune.

If you are after cheap property then try the slum clearance areas of northern towns and cities rather than la-di-da Berk land

-- Gordon Bennet (, October 09, 2002.

I think the 'two fingers' approach would have been a more intelligent reply!

Is there a prolem with trying to buy a property in an attractive area then? The reason for wanting to move to the Berkshire area is work related. I am involved in IT and Berkshire has a large IT employer base...simple as that.

I do agree that prices in the area and other areas are highly inflated and that is why I am trying to as you put it 'bargain hunt'. Perhaps you think that houses that are repossessed should lay dormant until the end of time?

If it is such a myth that these places exist, then that is acceptable although obviously this myth didnt come from nowhere and once upon a time it was true, therfore as I am not a property tycoon (as for some bizarre reason you seem to want to make me out to be) maybe I can be excused from knowing this.

I guess your e-mail address explains why you let yourself get so wound up by such a simple question.

-- Ben Iffland (, October 09, 2002.

Don't get wound up. And of course we ALL believe the repo'd house should be sold on. It is when banks sell for less than it's worth makes it a problem for the "victims" of this site.

Rather than send rude emails to us just please leave us alone unless you have something constructive to add to this site.

Lee please remove this "discussion" if at all possible.

-- Geoff Winters (, October 09, 2002.

Well this is what he thinks of this site

Well if we have wasted your time, but we are not "do-gooders" at all. It's what you call being helpful to others. One day you may be down on you ear, and when you are then I hope us "do-gooders" don't waste our time.

You must be a fairly arrogant person to feel we are all in the wrong and you, Sir, are so right each and every time. Just listen to yourself. wrote:

> I like the way that you avoid talking about why you > decided to advertise my comments to your 'victims'. > Selective answering eh. > Again, I didnt start today by sending 'rude' (if you > can call them obviously have lived a very > sheltered life) e-mails. Perhaps if you and your buddy > Chris adopted the same stance to replying to all > e-mails as politely as you seem to be portraying > yourself, we wouldnt be having this conversation. > I will as you suggest 'leave you alone' now as I have > no desire to continue talking to such a bunch of > hypocritic dillusionary 'do-gooders' > > >

-- Geoff Winters (, October 09, 2002.

Zzzzzzzz....oh sorry are you still there? I thought you might actually be trying to 'do some good' (which I am all in favour of) rather than sending these purile e-mails.

I think the relevant point there was 'hypocritic dillusionary'.

-- Ben Iffland (, October 09, 2002.

You've obviously wound this loser up Geoff. I appriciate help that you and so many others offer. It's a real help, even if it is just a word of encouragement.

Make sure you Pay your Mortgage repayments Mr Iffland, otherwise I don't think people will be as polite. Only then will you know how upsetting your first comment was.

-- Biggles aka Perfect world (, October 09, 2002.


I am sorry for being so polite. Funnily enough I own my own house, strange that eh for you to make such a huge assumption about me without knowing any details about me, I hung on to it by the skin of my teeth after my husband walked off with my best friend. However, my fiance was not quite so fortunate, believing that his ex-wife was paying the mortgage he worked so hard to pay for she was in fact having fun with his best friend. I do hope you live to receive the words you callously used, as they say what goes around comes around. You asked if you had come to the right site and we pointed you in the right direction, now why don't you stop making facetious comments and go to an estate agent and buy a house the proper way. Just like I did 11 years ago and then had to pay large court costs to keep from losing. I've never actually met Geoff, but I would be more than glad to call him a buddy he's certainly more of a help than you've been.

-- Chris (, October 10, 2002.


Not sure where I implied that you didnt have your own house...think you got your wires crossed. I also said that you were impolite not polite as you said in your previous reply. Not sure why you think I want to know your personal history either. Like I have maintained from the start, I have nothing against people who have their houses repossessed as I am sure its very traumatic (and I'm not taking the pee when I say that). As you have let me in to your private life, I will say that I am sorry to hear that you had to go through what you have been through. I guess the point is if things like this do happen in life and inevitably bad tings do happen, the question is, what do you do about it. To my mind you can either sit around whinging or pick yourself up and get on with it. So if it did happen to me, that is what I would do....of course after getting very annoyed. All your talk of 'what goes around comes around' just further displays what sort of person you are. The basic fact is Chris, if you had just ignored or provided a polite answer to my original question then this 'discussion' would not have got out of hand. You may not like that fact but it is a FACT!

-- Ben Iffland (, October 10, 2002.

Sorry Ben but you obviously can't spot sarcasm when you see it, never mind eh, now instead of using extensively long and boring words to justify your visit to this site, which let's face it was a mistaken one at that, why don't you just push off somewhere else and stop irritating everyone. Thanks for your comments on my life which obviously really interest me as I care a great deal about what you think.

-- Chris (, October 10, 2002.

Ooh someone really does have a bit of a chip on their shoulder dont they. Never mind Chris I'm sure the nasty man will go away soon! Whats that phrase...'sarcasm is the lowest form of wit' apt! If you dont want people to comment on your private life, then dont tell total strangers the boring details of it. I'm terribly sorry if my 'using extensively long and boring words' creates a problem for your limited vocabulary, I'll have to remember to adjust my word sizes to a limit of four in future! I havent that it wasnt a mistake visiting the site and its only your 'gripping' replies that keep me visiting it. Funny how you keep asking me to 'push off' but keep goading me more and more. I guess some people have nothing better to do.

-- Ben Iffland (, October 10, 2002.

I would like certainly like to see you 'disappear' Ben. Please just accept that you have been insensitive and go away. As far as sitting on our backsides and whinging is concerned, you are certainly wrong, and that is the whole point of this site. Which if you had an ounce of common sense you would have read before posting your question.

Go and find your repossessed house and make it a home for you and your family. With any luck you will then lose your job and have your nice house taken away from you, preferably during a recession that causes the value of your home to drop to less than a quarter of what you pay for it. You will be left to pick up the tab, as I am sure your mortgage lender will have sorted out their paperwork to ensure you are liable for any shortfalls before you even sign the deeds.

Go away you silly little man and find a school playground to play your childish games in.

-- One Angry Mother (, October 10, 2002.

...Tell me...if your so keen to see me 'disappear' then why is it that none of you have the sense to just not reply....doh! If you had one iota of sense you might realise that as long as you throw your pathetic insults in my direction, I'll be knocking them straight back! ...and I suppose hoping that someone with a family loss their home isnt fit for the playground eh? Or is it a different rule for others. If I was insensitive, then it was purely by accident and didnt deserve the original insult that I got back. The only reason (as I keep trying to get through that things are now getting 'out of hand' is because it has spiralled from there.

Like I say, you all keep saying to me to 'leave you alone' (sob sob) but yet you all still keep on sending e-mails goading me on....come on people use the old grey matter!

-- Ben Iffland (, October 10, 2002.

Thanks for sticking up for me back there Chris, and all of you who use this site. Hopefully we will make a difference for someone somewhere. This gentleman, sees things in a very selfish way indeed, his own view is the ONLY right one.

If so many have been incensed by your comments why don't you own up like a man, like I have had to at some stages in my life, and admit it. Rather than always put another "sting" in the tail of you appologises.

Oh by the way Mr Iffland Sarcasim is the lowest form of wit but the highest form of .......... (you work it out)

As you see we don't get wound up, as there are several comments from others and I bet I've spent less time writing to you than you have writing to all the others in the forum (let alone the comments you send in personal emails).

I hope I can provide assistance to anyone needing help on a gen question for Home Repo's.

-- Geoff Winters (, October 10, 2002.

...and so it goes on! It sems to me that you dont want to stop talking to me Geoff otherwise why would you keep on replying? But I like the way your trying to make it seem like you are such an upstanding citizen! If you read my last comment you will see that I dont deny and have not denied that it was a mistake to visit the site. What I would have preferred would have been a polite answer or to be ignored rather than to have some prat attempt to be sarky. I see YET AGAIN, that you mention the private e-mails that I sent. Dos it occur to you that the reason I sent them privately was due to the fact that it is easier. Also YET AGAIN you spoke about how my comments were 'gravely upseting' for you readers but are so keen for them to be publicised on the site....yep obviously got their best intentions at heart! So my comments are of course wrong and I am the one that thinks he is right but your in the right yes? ok then my 'friend' keep on believing that....positive mental attitude n all that!

So I say AGAIN....the more you keep goading me......yawn!!

-- Ben Iffland (, October 10, 2002.

The reason I publisied the emails, was so others saw you for who you were, a rude and arrogant person, just out for your own gain and strange sense of humour.

The other emails you sent I would not want to publish. I was warning people of what you are like that's all.

-- Geoff Winters (, October 10, 2002.

...mmm can anyone else smell that strange odour emitting forth from that last message of Geoffs? Can you guess what it is yet kids? Me thinks I smell the foul stench of bull***t, but I'll let you guess what it is! You seem to think that I am arrogant because I dont let you walk all over me Geoff...sorry if I am not as feeble an adversary as your usual cronies! And what exactly do I have to gain from e-mailing you, you havent said anything remotely interesting since you uttered your first sh*te filled sentence!

My other e-mails werent even rude, you just like to make it out that they were to try and rally more people around to your mythical 'saint like' image.

...anything else that you want to say Geoff?

Tom did ask me to stop (fairly politely) which I replied 'no probs' to and was going to leave it there but you obviously lead such a boring existence that you feel it necessary to carry this on.... be continued

...join us next time when Geoff offers us more brain teasing snipets of his far reaching expertise!

-- Ben Iffland (, October 10, 2002.

No problems Geoff, I appreciate all the advice that I get in my 'sad, boring, pathetic, do goody life!. As we seem to have upset Mr. Iffland somewhat, bless him, perhaps we should stop talking to him, therefore adhering to his request, and get back to the business in hand, I think his screaming and wailing smacks of a guilty conscience, and his vocabulary and punctuation are absolutely abominable so four letter words or words of one syllable probably would be best for him. Thank you to all of the genuine, good people who visit this site and have helped in trying, for all of us, to get back to a normal, everyday life.

-- Chris (, October 10, 2002.

Have I screamed or whailed? Am I upset? As to my punctuation and spelling....well apologies to all those literary geniuses out there for my odd mistake, however I have been writing my replies fairly quickly as I (unlike some people) do have work to do! ...and my conscience is clear for asking the question at the top of this page.

....I do like the way that your being so original in using my own rebukes now though.

I hope you and Geoff live happily ever after!

-- Ben Iffland (, October 10, 2002.

This man always wants the last word! Nice to see Chris & Geoff gives a good fight as to his advice. Go guys

-- Johnny Ball (, October 10, 2002.

'Swaphead'??? Wot is it with you guys and your weird e-mail addresses? Is there a competition to see who can appear to be the most bizarre?

-- Ben Iffland (, October 10, 2002.


-- russell milo. (, October 10, 2002.


You have got to be some sort of nutter!!! I think you must get off on winding this board up with your stupid comments, I doubt whether you could afford to buy a repo property anyway, as the amount time you spend posting stupid remarks on this site confirms to me that you are probably out of work. get your self a life and get the fuck off this site.


-- russell milo. (, October 10, 2002.

...Can you read mr Karate? If you could you would realise that it is you who has just sent another e-mail TO ME atempting to wind me up and get me to respond. Well presumably (of course not necessarily) if you are visiting this site, you yourself are out of work and have lost your where is the insult in trying to imply that I am?? ...Doh! Where do they get you from? If I am the one without a life, why do you keep sending me e-mails to try and get a reply? Come on mr Karate....doesnt take much brain power to work it out does stop sending the wan*y e-mails and I wont ned to use your precious site. ....Also, isnt it pretty obvious from the title of the topic that it doesnt apply to you,so why are you spending YOUR time visiting it.....I wonder who it is that really needs to get a life here...

-- Ben Iffland (, October 11, 2002.

Note to Lee. Can we lose this thread please, its taking up far too many peoples time, time that could be better spent annoying thieving mortgage companies.


-- John (, October 11, 2002.

Here, Here!! Back to the business in hand. Apologies for the late posting but I've been tremendously busy at work today like the rest of you. Thanks to all supportive, helpful and admirable people who post on this site and good luck in continuing.

-- Chris (, October 11, 2002.

That's not nice Mr Iffland (nice unusual surname like swaphead). We have weird emails as you state so we're not tracked down. I'm sure you've wasted far more time collectively than any of us individually.

Loose the thread YES

-- Johnny Ball (, October 11, 2002.

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