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Hey everyone. I was wondering where was it that the ACL handed the City of Miami over to the Central of Georgia for part of its trip.

Thanks, Jason

-- Jason Casting (, October 08, 2002


Larry is way too modest. When he says his ACL passenger train book has full details, he is not joking. If it was in the ACL timetable and carried revenue passengers, it is in his book.

If you're interested at all in ACL's passenger service, this book is a must.

Bob Hanson

-- Robert H. Hanson (, October 11, 2002.

The City of Miami ran IC to Birmingham, then CofG to Albany, Ga., then ACL from Albany via Waycross to Jacksonville. There the train originally took the FEC south to Miami before the FEC strike, then afterward the combined ACL-SAL route via Auburndale. Albany was one of three gateways for ACL's "western" trains - the other two were Atlanta (NC&StL/L&N north of there) and Montgomery (L&N north of there). My ACL passenger service book has full details.

-- Larry Goolsby (, October 08, 2002.

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