RG3 OR TITANIUM??? or superbike mag?

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Hey guys, I have a bit of exhaust problem here. Because Iím about to buy a new pipe for my f4s. Is there any difference performance wise between the RG3 and the titanium pipe? How bout the racing pipe in the SPR, is that the RG3 open or the titanium thing.? I guess the difference is the material. Any idea? Can I have any dynochart from any one who has a copy? Or at least any reactions or recommendations regarding your new exhaust.by the way, do you guys know the website of SupeBike mag? Thanks pals!!

-- dza projects (dzabox@yahoo.co.uk), October 07, 2002


The RG3 is developed by MV Agusta. It was designed in conjunction with the RG3 open headers. This combination should yield the best performance. This are the same pipes provided with the Senna/SPR along with the stock pipes. They are intended for track use only.

The titanium pipes from mvagusta-sp.com were developed by a Japanese manufacturer, www.motocorse.co.jp. I have no performance info but I'm guessing that redesigned the stock pipes by opening them up a bit and making them out of titanium.

Superbike Mag does not have a website. But since you're from the UK, why not go to the news stand.

-- mod (mvf4s@excite.com), October 08, 2002.

Yeah thats right. just fitted the RG3 and chip to my Senna with 2300ml on the clock. I use it on the road, sounds the nuts at full chat and is a bit more responsive off the throttle. Dont forget that Casoli do a conversion job on standard pipes. They are opened up even more than the RG3's. Tony B

-- Tony Beckwith (mcbeck709@blueyonder.co.uk), October 11, 2002.

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