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Well guys, I'm a pretty happy dude right now. I finally won my first race and came in 3rd in my other one. This was on my R1.

So I talked to the track promoter and he seems quite interested in me bringing my MV out. Lots of other people ask me about it too, so I think I'm going to break down and take it out there next month.

Anyone else that has done track days: Can you give me some suspension tips? I'm about 6ft, 200 pounds. I'm not going to be riding the nuts off the bike (obviously), but I plan to ride it pretty fast. So far I've gone up a turn of preload in the back, one turn in the front, and one click tighter on every clicker (comp, rebound). I've also added one full turn of rear ride height, but I'm thinking the ride height adjustment may have been a mistake because the bike handles so much better once I get on the gas.

I plan on running the stock Pirelli tires (only have 2000 miles on the bike, they are still in fairly good shape). What tires have been run on the track by people around here? I know at least one guy has run Metzler Rennsports. Others are split on the tires that come stock on the bike. I personally like the stock Pirellis pretty well. I run Supercorsa SC2's on my R1, and I'm sort of thinking of putting them on the MV as well...


-- Andy Ruhl (, October 07, 2002


Go for it'll love it. I had my MV at Phillip Island and it was thing I've ever done. I left my suspension totally stock, but the bike did seem to squat too much accelerating off turns... I'll fiddle with it next time.....couple of clicks in the rear might do the trick. I run Michelin Pilots which I love...and run 30 PSI in the front and 32 PSI in the rear...

The MV is just a dream on the a will look after you.


-- Pete Hughes (, October 08, 2002.

I agree totally. got my first ever trackday last week and the MV was great. Was going to take the Senna but it wasn't ready so I took the Strada. all settings were stock and it handled great, but thin again i didn't push it hard even to upset anything. The front felt so planted, that the one time it was about to tuck, I felt it and saved it without an issue. Also while many have complained about the brakes, I didn't have any problems (I've had the update done)the whole day and I was braking fairly late

-- TP (, October 09, 2002.

Wait a second, do you have an R7 too? Holy cow. That's one of my favorite bikes ever. I always wanted a REAL superbike. I'm also a huge Haga fan (I wear a yellow Haga Quantum). Those things are awesome! Wish I had an R7... I saw a few of them parked at Donington when I was in the UK a while back. Incredible... They just ride those things over there.

Anyway, back to the MV. My brakes are still not as good as the R1, and I still haven't tried new pads yet which I really should do. I have also noticed that the bike seems to handle better on the throttle, I don't have to hold the front end down so much. I consider this a function of the tires and tire pressure as much as anything else most likely, but I'll be adjusting the suspension so maybe I can dial it out.

Here's another question. I see in this picture that you had your mirrors on. I have to take the mirors off. What about the license plate bracket? Is that difficult to remove? If I could do that and take the mirrors off, the only thing I'd have to do is tape up the headlight and tail light. Gotta figure out how to unplug the headlight too...

I'm still psyching myself up for this... Can't wait.

-- Andy Ruhl (, October 09, 2002.

unfortunately I don't have an R7. Both times I almost got one the deal went south at the last minute. After which I ended up getting a MV each time. Next year I'm going to try for a R7 again and hope for the best. Its the bike that made me want to start riding in the first place!!! The website is just to keep me motivated not to give up on it yet.

I didn't have to take any of the stuff off but while not hard the mirrors take a little work. I'm probably going to order QB Carbon Race body work for my Strada and turn it into a track bike. I agree that the brakes on the MV don't feel as strong as on the R1 (any time I switch I always almost endo off the R1) they were quite good and I never worried about them. Still need to adjust them a bit because they are supposed to be the same as on the Senna but don't feel that way. I will two finger the Senna all the time but always 4-finger the Strada. Even still it was a blast on the track and will get a lot of track time next year.

-- TP (, October 09, 2002.

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