Ownership and interior modifications to SAL 6607 round end obs

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As some of you probably know, former SAL round end tavern observation lounge 6607, built by Budd in 1939 as FEC BAY BISCAYNE, has now come to the SAM Shortline excursion train after several years of infrequent use at Stone Mountain Park near Atlanta, GA. Operation of the SAM Shortline will officially begin on Saturday, October 26, 2002, with runs from Cordele, GA to Plains and Archery, GA, where former President Jimmy Carter's boyhood home is preserved as a National Historic Site. The train passes through Georgia Veterans Memorial State Park, DeSoto, Leslie, and Americus on the way.

I am trying to determine various dates of ownership transfer, specifically, what happened to the car after passenger service under SCL operation ceased in 1971? Did the car go to Amtrak or was it retained for use by SCL/SBD/CSX before being acquired by the New Georgia Railroad? (The New Georgia operated it as a table car with the bar retained in what was probably the original configuration.) That seems to be the only hole in the history of the car, which is otherwise detailed in Mike Savchak's excellent article in the 3rd Quarter 2000 issue of Lines South.

I would also like to find a plan for the car as originally built. Can anyone help with this?

Thanks, Stephen Syfrett Albany, GA

-- Stephen S. Syfrett (syfrettinc@bellsouth.net), October 06, 2002


Thanks for the additional info, Gary. Does anyone have any idea how the New Georgia happened to acquire this car? It came after my time as an employee, so I never worked on the car, and can only say with certainty that it was not on the New Georgia as of about September 1986. I am wondering when it officially went to Amtrak (5/71?), and whether or not it passed through private ownership for some period before going to the New Georgia. Thanks.

-- Stephen S. Syfrett (syfrettinc@bellsouth.net), October 07, 2002.

Tavern Lounge Observation Car built by Budd in 1939 for the Champion Amtrak 3339 ex-SCL 5851, ex-SAL 6607, ex-FEC car BAY BISCAYNE.

-- Gary Riccio (g.riccio@worldnet.att.net), October 07, 2002.

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