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it's coming back - my elbow tendinitis (i think). it hurts on the outside of my it like tennis elbow? i took 4 months off of lifting after a spotter failed me on nose-crunchers for triceps. seemed to work. i am now 3 months into lifting again and almost at my former 100%. i am starting to notice subtle pain at rest and it is getting worse. did i go up too fast in weight? what stretching or exercises can i do prevent this from occuring? please help...i am getting depressed about all this.

-- ron (, October 06, 2002


Would it not be obvious for you to perform exercises that do not put injurious pressure on your elbows? This may be difficult for you to accept but researching new exercises that do not cause your problem will be greatly to your advantage. there are a number of ways you can exercise your body. Try bands. They have been known to work well and you have more control over them.

-- sid tanaban (, January 10, 2003.

i have the same problem but its from pitching , u mainly jus sound like a girl who needs alil elbow rub

-- robin roberts (, August 31, 2004.

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