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I certainly have enjoyed seeing the CofG web sight. I wonder how many of the people like myself that worked for the CofG are still around. Does anyone have some of this info?

-- Joseph C. Puder, III (, October 06, 2002


My name is Kim Emanuel.

My Great Grandfather Francis (Frank) Black retired after service as a Bridge Forman. I am searching for information about him and nything any of you you could tell me would be greatly appreciated. Frank retired around 1950.

Kim Emanuel

-- Rollo Kim Emanuel (, January 09, 2005.

The last Central Conductor on the C line is still working. Larry Galloway works out of Cedartown GA on a pool assignment.

-- jeff trull (, October 08, 2002.

While not a "survivor" myself I feel as though I am as my father, Mr. James A.(Bill) Bates took "early" retirement in 1964 after 43 years service. He was Bridge & Building Supervisor for the Columbus Division. He began his career with the CofG, building the bridge below the Gantt (AL) pond in the early 20's. This is where he met my Mom as she walked across the bridge to school in the mornings.

My two older brothers worked for the CofG part time during their High School years. James D (Donald) Bates '47 & '48 and Bill E (Billy) Bates in the early 50's. Donald returned after service in the Air Force in '53 to work full time.

Both are doing well with Don living in MS and Billy in GA. Both may be reached through my e-mail should any old friends or coworkers still be around.

-- Jack Bates (, October 07, 2002.


Editor Allen Tuten has has featured several articles about members of the Central "family" in the Society's Quarterly Publication "The Right Way." These articles are recollections from people who worked for the company about their own experiences, and sometimes those of other family members as well.

These articles are called "A Life in the Day of the Central," with the name of the featured person in the title.

A few issues of the "Right Way" are listed for sale in the Society's online store. When an issue has a "Day in the Life" article, the title appears on the cover.

Issues currently listed in the store with "Day in the Life" articles are:

V4,N2 - G.Ed. Johnson V6,N3 - Jerry Langley and his father

An earlier issue that is now out of print featured Joe Shirley.

We are working on an automated list that would let people who worked on the Central add themselves and communicate with one another.

Also, Central retirees in the Columbus and Phenix City area meet for lunch on the first Monday of each month. If you are ever in the area, attending one of these lunch meetings would be a good way to catch up on folks in that neck of the woods. Lunch dates are shown on the online Calendar:

Ron. Wright CofGa Rwy HS Web Site Manager

-- Ron. Wright (, October 07, 2002.

Mr. E.R. Gillis, for one. He was the shop forman at Savannah. Met a Mr. Rufus Cone, conductor, a couple years back. Very elderly gentleman. We used to have employee reunions every labor day here at the museum, but haven't had one for a while. Usually about 20-30 former employees showed, can't recall all the names. Contact me off list, I may know where a list of names might be.

Also, can't find the link about the garden at the Savannah Shops. Yes, there was/is a garden, it's behind the overnight shed, between that and what was most recently the airbrake room. Put in in the 1890's supposedly, a "four-square" arrangement with a pond in teh center, had a statue of a small boy with an umbrella that shot water out of the top of the umbrella, you can see it with a STRONG magnifier on one of the glass plate ariel view photos.

Also, a long letter in Right Way was published about the garden at the Macon Shop. Has a photo showing what looks like planter boxes underneath the windows of the roundhouse, with what looks like banana trees in them. Must have been a look alike, as I don't think banana trees would do too well in Macon.



-- Rudd Long (, October 07, 2002.

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