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I have now been fighting Abbey National for 2 years. DLA are chasing on their behalf for a 28k shortfall which I say I dont owe due to the fact that the MIG was mis sold at the time the mortgage was taken (1991 with N&P). I have been constantly harrassed by DLA and complained to Abbey who then started to deal directly with me. I have now exhausted their complaints system and been referred to the Financial Ombudsman. In the meantime DLA keep writing insisting I tell them who is dealing with my case and settle the matter amicably. Does anyone know if they can continue to write to me at this time? Do I have to give them any information? Also has anyone dealt successfully with the Financial Ombudsman? All help most gratefully received!

-- Joanna Berry (, October 06, 2002



I think your best bet is to ring the Financial Ombudsman and check the situation with them. When did you first default on your mortgage payments and when was your property repossessed?


-- M Amos (, October 06, 2002.

I left the property in 1994 - my ex partner dealt with everything and let the house. From all accounts the property was repossessed in 1996 and DLA first contacted me in 2000. At no time was I contacted during the repossession process even though I had provided a forwarding address.

-- Joanna Berry (, October 06, 2002.

Yes they can. Your complaint to the FO has no bearing upon the Lender's "right" to chase you, it is a separate course of action which will probably not affect the outcome. The MIG argument is a waste of time, we've all tried to prove that we were mis-sold MIGS (which we were) but no one has yet won a case. I had three separate people tell me I was covered by the MIG and the advisor in my case even altered the mortgage application form, it's in her handwriting and I can prove it's not mine. All totally ignored by the powers that be. The FO sympathised with my plight but advised that my complaint was outside their remit and that they could do nothing unless I had proven a case in court. Paper tiger I think the phrase is.

-- Too scared to say (, October 06, 2002.

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