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I am a nursing student and have a culture project presentation re: Irish American health culture and beliefs. I am having a very hard time finding any information about the Irish. Can anyone offer advice or websites to check? Most of the info I have found is about Native Americans, Vietnamese, Laotian, etc....nothing about Irish! Help!!!!!

-- karen wilmarth (, October 06, 2002


Greetings All , Try a Search in AltaVista - irish american health beliefs-

Also the following could be useful. Good Luck Victor

Prevention Research Center (PRC) -

A Center of the Pacific Institute for ... M. "Drinking beliefs and behaviors among Irish adolescents," The ... of Irish and American adolescents," European ...

Irish in America: Losing Their Identity ... These conditions affected the mental health of the Irish, destroying the beliefs and virtues they ... I, however, brought the Irish people respect from American society, their fierce conduct in ...

cultural profile project

-- Victor F. (, November 28, 2003.

Hi Karen I too am writing a paper.My paper is a little different in that I live in an Irish-Catholic community & am writing a paper on life-thretning food allergies in my community. 1 decent book is Transcultural Health care by Larry Purnell & Betty Paulanka publisher by F.A. davis. the section on Irish-Amer less than 20 pages but it includes info on alternative lifestyles,Diseases & Health conditions variation in drug matabolism,high risk behaviors health care practices, meaning of food, food rituals,nutritional deficiencies,family preg. Spirituality health seeking practices,barriers to health care & 40 references. The book i have is short & to the point but the ref are good. If this interests you I can make a photo copy & "snail-mail" it to you. I live in Groton CT

-- Catherine McMickle (, August 14, 2003.

I am a nursing student in Louisiana. I am also writing a paper on the Irish American culture. It amazes me that so little information is available on the Net. I would like help if it available. Thank you.

-- Jeanetta Hebert (, November 13, 2003.

I am a nursing student and I have a presentation in "transcultural nursing" Irish American culture and belief. It is hard for me to find some information online. I would appreciate very much if someone have any document in that subject, or to tell me any website that I can go to. thank you!+

-- florence pierre (, November 27, 2003.

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