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Ok he's not in any new movies now but anyone who's seen him in DrQuinn have to remember that gorgeous guy!?!?!?? Joe Lando!! Oh My God!!!! go here to see my fav pic of him!!!

Watch and drool ladies!! ;) I know I know you don't like him Gina so you don't have to look!! ;P


-- Angie (, October 04, 2002


Oh I'm so happy he's on TV here everyday but Saturday!! Anyone want copies of the serie you can just e-mail me ok!! ;9


-- Angie (, October 10, 2002.

i've always thought he was gorgeous. that is a really good picture of him. the last thing i saw him do, (just for the record), was a made for tv movie. he played a guy who helped a mother get he child back from her ex-husband who was abusing him. it was pretty good. he'll still probably always be sully in my eyes, though.

-- sarah shultz (, October 09, 2002.


-- Sue (, October 05, 2002.

Awwwww Angie he's a sweetie! Did you get my letter yet?

-- Monica (, October 04, 2002.

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