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Just saying HI TO YA HON!!!!!! You change your name on MSN so much I never know who you are LOL! HELLO MY LONG LOST FRIEND!!!!!

Linda??? Do you still come here too??? Maybe if I say HELLO to you too you might see it as well.....DOES ANYBODY COME HERE ANYMORE????? HELLO ANYBODY!!!!!!!???

-- Amanda (Amanda@SweetHeathDreams.com), October 04, 2002



-- Amanda (Amanda@SweetHeathDreams.com), October 04, 2002.

Forsooth, I am here.

-- Mic (ScragTheTroll@aol.com), October 05, 2002.

Methinks it's just me and you kid LOL!

-- Amanda (Amanda@SweetHeathDreams.com), October 05, 2002.

i am here! just look for the screennames that are weird. thats me.

-- Emily~*~ (emilykhealy@hotmail.com), October 05, 2002.

Hey Amanda...yeah I come here nearly every day to see if anythings going on....and it isnt so I dont post LOL. I think I am the only person on AOL IM only so dont see you if you only use MSN...open your AIM sometime LOL...funny thing I just emailed you earlier today to say hi LOL

-- Linda (Linda@sweetheathdreams.com), October 05, 2002.

yeah, im still here too, not that ne one cares!!! i still check up almost everytime im online...... but no ones makin ne interesting posts........ so i suppose ill put one in then! yes, good idea tabby! *pats self on back* hehe k well cya then

-- Tabby (tabbyo1@hotmail.com), October 11, 2002.

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