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The Great Egg Race spawned a series of four books which (if my aged memory serves me true - unusual) thwe first two had input from Heinz Wolfe himself. Can anyone remember their names and publisher, are they still in print. I am trying to obtain copies of all four.

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-- Trevor Steed (, October 03, 2002


WE have two of the books. They have been compiled by the British assossiation for the advacement of science..23 Savile Row London WiX 1ab OLD NUMBER! 01 734 6010 ISBN 0 900902 07 8 These are old books but we use them from time to time.

-- Roger Bett (, January 15, 2004.


-- sdf oaijd (sdf!, September 19, 2004.


-- mango worrier (, November 04, 2004.

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