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A photo of SAL 4-6-2 851 is shown on page 14 of the Spring, 1990 Locomotive Quarterly. The LQ caption writer says the 851 has Dekle valve gear, but it is very different from the Dekle valve gear shown on 2-10-2 2495 shown on the same page, which is the same as the Dekle valve gear illustrated in Prince's SAL book.

To me, 851's valve gear looks like some form of Hackworth valve gear. I'd appreciate any enlightenment any member could provide - a copy of a diagram or a better photo would be terrific!

-- Ed King (, October 03, 2002


Buck - Hmm . . . If you could point me to the issue of your magazine that covers the 851 and her sisters, I'd buy the copy and be as well informed as the folks in that, er, other society . . .

-- Ed King (, October 09, 2002.


You must have us confused with a certain "similar" historical society who publishes seemingly interminal detailed steam articles. =)

-- Buck Dean, Webmaster (, October 03, 2002.

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