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Gentlemen and Gentle ladies,

I want to give everyone an update on the doings at Little Bit Farm. of course we moved into our new place in December. We had a wonderful winter with a few mishaps. We had a rather warm winter until February, when we had a horrible cold snap. This killed many of my plants in the greenhouse, and what didn't die then, died as a result of chicken molestation. Never, never keep chicks with plants, even if they are little and cute. I was all set for a banner year in the garden. We bought a rototiller, and riding lawnmower. Only problem, is that the rototiller did not want to break through the thick burmuda sod we had in the gardening area. We went and rented a bigger rototiller, but what we really needed was a tractor. Unfortunately a tractor is a BIG expense around here. I just planted in the burmuda, raking out as much as I could. I have NEVER seen weeds grow like they do in Oklahoma. Around the time of planting, an elderly friend of ours had a stroke. We ended up taking her in, and then I was so busy nursing thatt gardening had to take second place. I did'nt harvest near what I needed to, nor what I'd like to have. so now we are preparing for next year which will include lots of Mulching this fall. I am planning to haul as many bags of leaves as i can talk people into giving me. I also am looking for a freezer. Contrasted to the garden our animals did well this year providing us meat, milk, and eggs. I babysat some goats for six months had had plenty of milk. I also have another group of goats coming from California to sit next week. We hope to get pigs soon.

Little Bit Farm

-- Little Bit Farm (, October 02, 2002


I just received a load of Goats from California that i am taking care of for a friend. Come spring we shall be swimming in milk!

Little bit farm

-- Little Bit Farm (, October 14, 2002.

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