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Come curl up around the fire, and tell me about what you cook on your woodstove in winter. I love to keep a pot of something simmering on my woodstove in winter. Such healthy meals can be a real boon to a cold day working outside. When my kids go outside for chores, they can come back inside to warm soup, stew, hot chocolate, etc. simmered slowly on the stove. I also love to have hot crusty breads that can be dipped into the warm liquids. What is your favorite recipe for the top of a woodstove?

Little Bit Farm

-- Little Bit Farm (littlebit@brightok.net), October 02, 2002


It may be boring, but my favorite would be chilli. I just love it cooked all day and some fresh bread to go with it, or maybe some cornbread. All ingredients come from our farm, except salt and pepper. It is cold here today. We will fire up the woodstove for the first time this fall tonight. Maybe get a pot of chilli goingj- you made me hungry.

-- Joanie (ber-gust@prodigy.net), October 07, 2002.

Did you guys buy you cook stoves? I have been trying to get my husband to buy an Oval from Lehmans. We are in OK and he thinks I will not get a lot of use out of it. I still want one and will get it someday!

Do you cook on an electric too.

-- Debbie at Bountiful (bwolcott@cwis.net), April 19, 2004.

Hi Debbie!!! I haven't heard anything from you in so long!!

I hope you can convince your husband to get a stove. We finally bought ours this past fall and love it!! We actually heated our home with it too because it has a very large firebox. Ours is a Margin Gem - made by Mennonites in Canada. We haven't found anything about the stove we don't like. Ours looks just like the Oval except the stovepipe is in the front instead of behind AND....they are about half the price. They only come in black or white, with nickel trim.

-- Terry - NW Ohio (aunt_tm@hotmail.com), April 20, 2004.

Hey Debbie...we've had our wood cookstove (circa 1920 from the Portland Stove Foundry here in Maine) for almost 15 yrs. now and LOVE it!!! It heats our whole house which is a 24'x40' two-story log home and cooks most of our meals during the fall and winter. Although I have to admit I haven't quite mastered the art of baking in the oven :-)!! Maybe someday....! Now that we're getting on in years, we're planning on buying a "Monitor" stove as a supplemental source of heat. But we'll never give up our cookstove!!

-- Marcia (marcia125@webtv.net), April 20, 2004.

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