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Following on from my pervious posting, another thing has come to light. The Halifax are using a firm of solicitors in Coventry, and also all the paperwork has come from the court in Coventry. The case has not had a hearing yet so I assume it is not yet a public record ( I may be wrong) Yesterday my husband received a letter from a company in Coventry called EuroDebt Financial Service. It arrived in a hand written envelope and the first line is "We understand that you may be experiencing financial difficulties at this time and would like to make our services available to you. We are Debt Adjusters licensed by the Office of Fair Trading.

HOW THE HELL DO THEY KNOW ABOUT OUR FINANCIAL DIFFICULTIES. WHO HAD TOLD THEM. The letter also says they can help with any court proceeding and also at a later date we are often able to negotiate full and final settlements of outstanding debts.

Are they in cahoots with the solicitors or can they find out this information from the court before a hearing.

-- Christine Singleton (, October 02, 2002


Whenever an application is made to a court, it is listed by the court, and a lot of "Ambulance Chasing" type solicitors use these court lists to send out letters offering their services.

My pal recently had a case before the Employment Tribunal, when his case was listed by the tribunal he received four offers of such services from solicitors who specialised in Employment Tribunals.

Depending on your situation these may even be of interest to you. If you could not afford the services of solicitors then these guys know all the angles for a suitable legal-aid funded, or a no-win/no-fee case if you are seeking damages.

Good Luck.

-- Harry (, October 02, 2002.

I had a situation a few years back - a company issued a summons in Nottingham County Court for some money which I disputed and filed a defence which was acknowledged by the court in a transfer of proceedings notice to my local court in Doncaster. Some twerp then registered a judgment which apparently appeared in the London Gazette - I then had several letters from Debt Management Companies offering their services and this was the first I knew, when I asked, of the judgment.

It ended up with the court paying me 200 compensation and a correction notice in the Gazette and to all Credit Ref Agencies.

It is true that these "ambulance chasers" scan court lists and papers and suchlike in the search for likely candidates for their services.

-- David J. Button (, October 03, 2002.


I am seeing a represenative from Eurodebt this eveing. They too phoned me and seemed to by finacial history. I will find oout tonight how they did this.

One way is perhaps the Halifax sell this information to them or maybe the two Companies that black list you (I can`t remeber their names) pass this information onto them in the course of a Credit Check.

-- Dilwyn Tasker (, September 16, 2003.


I have found e-mail address for Eurodebt which is:-

-- Dil Tasker (, September 17, 2003.

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