Right now the U.S. government Is not exactly on our side. Raves are becoming harder find and promoters are becoming less willing to throw them. I do not believe the scene is close to death but it is certainly suffering. Just like the stock market Rave has it's ups and downs throughout time. And judging from personal experience, articles on the net,recent government actions,and the wrong media coverage I believe that were going through a recession. If we don't do something soon I believe the scene may even fall into a depression. While we don't have DJ Roosevelt leading the way we do have each other. Some Suggestions

1. Security is cracking down. Many promoters believe that ecstasy is a definite problem. While I do not object to the use of X I believe that consumption prior to an event and responsible consumption will definitely help out. 2. Because we stand for what is good and right if we could get media coverage for doing something in the charity division like Raving for the homeless, Ravers against Racism, A raver clean up crew (anit -litter)... ect. By visiting retirement and nursing homes we could spread our good vibes to those who really need it. Should general public begin to see ravers as major contributor to society instead of drug addict party kids(As the medai currently portrays), then they also might be less quick to judge us unfairly. 3. Much like the hippie movement we stand for peace & love. Should the U.S. go to war Iraq which is a real possibility right now then like the Vietnam war this would give us something to fight against. If we do wind up protesting then it would be in are best interest to get our facts straight and know what were talking about before complain. 4. Some people just meet the wrong raver kids who preach the way of PLUR but don't practice it. (some don't even do that)If we make a more deliberate effort to live in this spirit, we will be better known for it. (this essay may be contradict my recession claim but it makes many good points) case you haven't read it already this is one of many sites to contain the Raver's Manifesto. If you haven't read then READ IT!!) I would appreciate your insight. I live in Savannah GA so if your in the area let me know we might be able to meet an organize something.

Thank you for time.

-- Anonymous, October 02, 2002


I remember when you could bring a canned good or an unwanted article of clothing to parties to save a few bucks at the door. These items were donated to charities. Now it's just like a race...the first 100 people save 5 bucks. What happened to "everyone in the rave scene is all about love?" Maybe promoters should do more for others and not for themselves. Imagine the amount of food you could provide at a rave if everyone brought a canned good to deduct some money off ticket prices. Anyways, just a thought. Jane

-- Anonymous, October 02, 2002

Anyone in Fayetteville, NC or surrouding areas who feel the same way, let's get together see what we can do! Make it a national thing, though I think that was what it was originally planned to be, but yeah. Everything SaltyBlue said was right on, homeslice.(I make no sense, sorry.) I'm serious, hit me up, laters.

-- Anonymous, October 03, 2002

well...i must say that you are have a well-versed and knowledgable outlook on the raver movement. today it seems like the rave scene has become a totally decadent and self-absorbed way of life that is geared towards sheer self gratification. it is no longer the scene where you can let down your barriers and become one with the music, people, and ether. perhaps it is best if the scene "dies" a little, because that loss of the mainstream focus will result in the loss of media coverage and participation. then and only then will it be left to those who truly care. i am here in fayetteville, nc and would be willing to get together with someone who truly cares to see the scene thrive and not become another disco era. i'm always interested in helping the local community and i've organised several donation drives for the military for my office. if someone wants to organize something, i'm all ears and brains and i will gladly put them to use. they're withering away here in this rave-forsaken town. monk

-- Anonymous, October 05, 2002

Honestly, most people see as a place to get high, and see shiny lights. Well its more than that, for most people, its about the music, the freedom u feel from dacning at, and knowing that their other like u their. Just wonting to dance and have a great time. But becouse peoples carlessness, they have runied the rave scene, by letting the media only expose the stuoid people who frist of all know somethin about the drug thier taking if they must takr one.Now anawer, first of all u need to make raves more media friendly. how u ask, by shwoing the music and what it releases the peopel whio come thier. I am sure that people all all sex, age and religion come. To show the viewers that their is more than just addicted dancing funny with glow sticks. Interviews with raves. Granted this has been done before, but things like this ony get shown on saterlite channles, which only a few have those channels. Try to get this one more watched channel, u knwo that more people can see the real raver scen, And decide for themselves, to belive or not to belive the media. And i gues more caouses. i know that their are some that are for good couses, maybe try to do more, to show the envitment, and fellow people. Get more publiation. I know all these ideas are probaly that good. But i might as well say something, beside right on. OK So email if u have any comments.

-- Anonymous, October 05, 2002

"I say to you tonight let us not forget there is hope" keep hope alive-Crystal Method

I am a old skool raver. I remember the old days of warehouse and outdoor promotions, not unlike woodstock. I've seen the scene live, evolve, and almost die many times. Keep the faith is the best advice I can give all of you. Right now we are in dark days financially and as a soceity. Raves are a celebration and an uplifting of spirit. (Many DJ's are full blown Buddhists and find enlightenment in the music and the freedom their audience gets) Promoters are really afraid right now because of the whole problem of X being there and the new litigation that the DEA, Local, and Federal law enforcement agencies have introduced that would hold them responsible. Indeed many laws that would have been seen as imposing on personal freedom before 9/11 have been passed through congress and local governments with not so much as an eyeblink. But I digress what can you as an individual do? Alot. Enjoy the music and dance and stay true to what you really value. Over the years it has astounded me that in alot of ways the whole electronica-rave movement mirrors the feel of the sixties (but without the naivette and political aspirations)

Some Ideas 1)Ravers for (Insert good cause here 2)I'm not going to tell you to quit doing X, but it is the weapon and excuse that the system is using to destroy the scene. They don't understand that there are alot worse things out there that any of us could be doing. Last time I checked I hadn't heard of anyone rollin robbing a conveince store or hurting anyone. I will say this too much of anything is a bad thing. 3)Keep your friends safe 4)Have fun, but stay safe yourself 5)If you can't find a rave have a houseparty, this is particularly of interest for those in their twenties. A few years ago we would have a house rave with about 80-120 folks and a couple of DJ's at our place right in the middle of town. Have to have cool neighbors for this one though. 6)"Don't dream it live it" 7)Hold true to P.L.U.R., no matter what

See you on the floor glowstiks in hand

Later Lotus

-- Anonymous, October 17, 2002

I miss the ol days but thats the past and if people continue to give them the fuel the need for the fire then we can kiss this good bye. You wouldn't catch me saying or using the word PLUR I even feel retarded asking about parties because of how trampled and disgusting it has become the only way I see it will ever change is if it does fall into a depression and the only thing left will be the actual parties thrown out of pure love for the music. Dont get me wrong id pay $30-50 bucks for a good party. It wasnt about the money back in the day there just wasnt that many "Ravers" out there. I have had at least 5 clubs die on me "Sol Rays - Daytona beach, FL; Cyberzone - Orlando, FL" were my personal favorites. I have yet to find a scene out here in Hampton Roads Virgina. It sucks but I guess all things come to an end. Or will the masses prove me wrong. Thats my challenge to the new generation of dance floor terrors out there.

- S1lkworm "email me on this if you want I just stumbled upon this looking for a club in my area (Hampton Roads Virginia)"

-- Anonymous, April 23, 2003

im usaully peacful but now im forced 2 b angry & for 1nce feel the anguish!!!! WERE DESTRYOIN RAVEIN FROM THE INSIDE!LITERALLY!!!!!E, XTC,HAPPI'E','ELEPHANT',ROLLING,KENTAMINE,LIL GEORGIA HOMEBOY!!!!WERE KILLIN OURSELVES BY OVERDOSIN!!!WERE KILLIN THE PLUR BY LOSSING THE RAVES!!WHEN THE MEDIA MONSTER HEARS BOUT DEATHS FROM CLUB DRUGS AS MENTIONED EARLIER THE GOVERNMENT CRACKSDOWN ON IT!!!!WAT WE NEED 2 DO IS STOP THE TRAFFICKING!!!NO MORE E!!!! As for u all who dont know wat e doez 2 ya lemme explain: 1st u take the drug and become a PLUR maniac,ectasy is a good felling that people think makes up plur it dont. The truth: if u overdose by perhaps 2,3 or even 1, depending on the purity, u overheat, usually 2 about 109 degrees or higher. At this point u begin to experiene convulsions as yur body literally "kills from the inside",u cook yur intestines while yur concience. then blood pours from all yur body openings, penis, vagina, mouth, anus, ears and nose. Then finally yur inside organs give way and explode, note yur still consience cause stomach acid asnt reached yur heart and u havent fully bleed, but then the stomach acid dissolves all remaining insides and then u croak. So if we wanna keep PLUR truly alive then we should destroy the E nemis, if u wanna say something in support of e and say i dont know wat im talkin bout then take 3 or 4 at a time and tell me wat happenz.Peace love & Rave.

-- Anonymous, May 03, 2003

Well, BizkutMan, i dont wanna say you dont know what your talking about but I speek for everyone when i say, We have all had more then 4 at a time, shit ive had about 13 in one night, you are getting a little Drastic dont you think, talking about shit exploding and stuff. im so sure, your trying to scare people. Yes your right about the other shit like overheating and stuff, but it is not verry comin that people die... only one out of like 20,000 people or more. I do agree with you about some of that stuff though. Like maybe theere is too much e-bombs and stuff, but come on... were yung, dumb, and full of "ceritonin". Maybe people could lighten up on that e-bomb shit. Or maybe people could lighten up on the electronic scene.. It is what it is. Im not going to be in denial about it. The scene is good for people, but not the drugs... But every scene from disco to rock.. there is the bad side.... PLUR Pat

-- Anonymous, August 04, 2003

Hello all. i'm a raver from britain and i was fascinated to see all of your opinions on raving in america. the rave scene in england is booming. DnB has become more popualar than it has ever been since its creation. Not only drum and bass but all dance music in general. however, i know for a fact that seeping out of such a colorful, extravagant scene is something alot darker. ecstacy has now become the main focus at raves, a way in which people can make alot of money out of the naivity of ravers. i myself do pills but know for a fact the damage its doing. in america purity is alot higher in every pill. here, the dealers are shoving in any old crap into the pills to give it consistency. this means ravers don't even know what they're buying. the rave scene should be about PLUR but most of the time, it simply isn't. gangs go to raves, rob, start fights and generally make life hell for those genuinely out to have a great nite. the rave scene can never die because theres too many of us that know what it truly stands for. we aren't just dillusional dance freaks, its a scene that cannot die. keep it going my fellow ravers and remember, in a world where "civilised" governments can legally bomb the shit out of innocent children and call it collateral damage, we need to be united by something, the love of music. maybe then we can do something about it. theres alot more i want to say but theres just no space. keep it real and hopefully in the near future i'll be hearing more about a flourishing american rave scene.

-- Anonymous, December 10, 2003

this is probably deviating a little from the topic but, I believe that one day, people will stop all of the bullshit, and realize that life is about friendship, understanding, P.L.U.R., and all that good stuff. BUT, that day will not come anytime soon unless we make an effort to better ourselves as human beings. Then the whole world will be like one gigantic, never ending PLUR-filled rave!

All you need is PLUR,


-- Anonymous, March 12, 2004

hey, if yall like rave music we play it at martinis in beaufort. I am a 20 year old marine that when i got here the zoo in savannah was just closing so i never got to go. I love the music so since nobody played it i became a dj and I havent looked back. Yall want rave music, come to martinis of beaufort. My schedule is as follows, sunday, wed, thurs this week, next week mon, tue,sat. Please come out and bring your glowsticks and your dance moves. admission is nothing during the weekdays.

-- Anonymous, March 28, 2004

If you still do the show at martini hit me back with an email.

-- Anonymous, May 14, 2004

I know my question my seem really late being that were in 2004 already and yes there has been a big change in the rave much has changed the good old 1990'si notcie alot of the younger generation really don't get way i get so upset, i feel as though they won't know how it was or simply knowing in my heart and gut these young people r missing out in what use to go down for us older peps, i can't bring cany in no mopre i can't bring in my own water my last party was at Nocturnal Wonderland 2004 at the orange show , in san bernardino,cal... the peole there seemed different some look pist or restless, bad enough tickets r 40 bucks man.. i feellike most of these pes like insomniac have sold out big tim like cheating us i feel very cheated, i used to bring everthing with me ... now i found my self being serached by these pe its even came down to the girl secerty's touching are tits to see if we hide any drugs in the bra..... Please tell me did the scene sell itself off? Since i'm living out here in San bernardino, its so dead out here i don't know any ravers out here, How Can I Save The Rave,? what can i do to do my part? How do i get things going, could we everchange it back to underground? get back to me folks if u got any respomses to me thanks , as the saying goes Shut the F*** Up &DANCE!@!!!Peace out

-- Anonymous, September 26, 2004

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