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... can I "legally" obtain documents after I settle my case?

-- Biggles aka Perfect world (, October 01, 2002



Issuing a SARN (see other sections of this site) is a perfectly reasonable and legal request and should provide most documents and information of relevance.

Dont forget on the SARN to give them full details of your past account(s) including all residential addresses covering the period, security addresses etc. otherwise delay tactics could happen.

You don't say when your case was settled, however if it was less than 6 years ago then the chances are good that they will still have the intresting bits.

Unfortunately, as time passes, lenders archive accounts, property and personal information thus reducing the quality of the scanned documents you receive in your SARN. Also not all information contained is archived / scanned and inevitably some documents (especially letters sent and internal memos)face the shredder!



-- Paul Adamson (, October 12, 2002.

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