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SCL had 25 MATE units in two batches, 3200 to 3209 and 3210 to 3224. (There were small differences between the two batches.) My question is what happened to them, were they renumbered by CSX or sold / scrapped or what? Are any preserved?

-- Malcolm Peakman (, October 01, 2002


The Road-Mate on the NCVA is NCVA 4167, and has had dynamic brakes added as mentioned above. It is mated to GP38-2 3818, and saw service on the GSWR, before coming to the NCVA in May 01. It operated for quite a while with GSWR markings, and was only recently restenciled as NCVA. Both carry C&F builders plates, with the GP38-2 plate reading as R/B 12/97, SN 7060-79 (which is the frame number of the unit), making it built as C&O GP38 3878 (33709, 11/67).

The Road-Mate was R/B in 12/97 by C&F Locomotive Service, and carries C&F plate SN 3223 (the SCL road number), RB 12/97.

Several others were sold by CSX years ago and went to Altoona, PA for work.

-- Russell Underwood (, October 02, 2002.

they were all sold, i assumed scrapped, but perhaps some survived

-- troy (, October 01, 2002.

At least one had D/B applied and is running on the NC and VA RR in N.C.

-- Joseph Oates (, October 01, 2002.

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