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Hello everbody

I'm locking for calculation stuff for compensation chains e.g. whisperflex. I'm interessted in how to calculate the max. travel height, the max. speed....please send info to me.

Thank you very much Frankie

-- Frankie (, September 29, 2002



Max travel height or the maximum hang length is determined by the Whisper-Flex manufacturer and is typically 600 feet. With ASME A17.1 Code changes for comp rope and cable to 5 to 1 instead of 4 to 1, some sizes of whisper-flex have been reduced to around 500 feet. ASME A17.1 restricts the use of whisper-flex to cars with a rated speed of 700 fpm. If you have further questions on whisper-flex, please write me back. I work for the manufacturer, Draka Elevator Products, Inc.


-- Didier "Kaz" Kaczmarek (, January 17, 2003.

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