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Taking Amtrak to Florida is one of the best ways to go down. First thing I would do if I were to go is to check with the ticket agent at the nearest Amtrak station and find out how much it would be to go round trip. Next thing, I would make my reservation and then I'm ready to go. Next get the train that would connect me to the Silver Meteor, Silver Star or Palmetto. Then get that train and go on my way along the old Pennsylvania Railroad mainline to Washington, then it is on to the former Richmond Fredericksburg and Potomac then it is on to the old Atlantic Coast Line and then on to the former Seabaord Air Line or stay on the Atlantic Coast Line all the way to Tampa or Orlando. In case it may be Miami, West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale,etc. I may be riding on the former Seaboard main line heading down to that location.

-- Bradford Paulson (, September 28, 2002


There is a lively discussion of Amtrak service, opportunities, obstacles, etc. on the Amtrak forum. I commend it to you for this discussion of current Amtrak operations in CSX country.

-- Jeff Gerlach (, October 01, 2002.

Hmmmmm.....ok, err, how do I put this..???

This is the ACL&SAL Historical Society; not the Amtrak. I think they have their own venue, so while I won't zap this , please keep the commentary and questions focused on the ACL- SAL-SCL era (so I don't get 50 emails asking me w.t.h. this is.

Thank you

-- Buck Dean, Webmaster (, September 30, 2002.

The last time I rode Amtrak from Florida (to Rocky Mount) we sat on a siding in Fayetteville for over eight hours with no explanation from the train crew. Makes it hard for met to give a positive comment, so I won't.

-- Pete Wenk (, September 29, 2002.

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