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Go to this site and it will give you a great laugh, check out the finance company and see that they have published the directors home details.

-- Steve (, September 27, 2002


Thanks, Steve. What a magnificently anarchic site that is! As you've said, they seem to be getting away with publishing public domain information. And more! Could this be "Private Eye" going online incognito?


-- Darius de la Ronde (, September 29, 2002.

Much as I chuckled (and was disgusted with the social workers named in the section) when reading this site, I fear it's days will be numbered once someone with more money than scruples closes it down. Even though the website owners are server jumping it wouldn't take very long with a competent tracer to find them. Private Eye learnt the hard way that even telling the truth can cost you dearly....shame really, when being "pc" and turning a blind eye to sheer incompetence takes precedence over professionalism and the safety of the most vulnerable. The worm will turn one day soon....

-- Too scared to say (, September 29, 2002.

To I was duped. Come on dont be such a defeatist has been around for a long time now, you should be giving credit to someone with the balls to set up and maintain a site like that. We are all aware that all good things can come to an end. So i say GOOD UP EM

regards Julie

-- Julie (, September 29, 2002.

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