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hi everyone, i just wanted to see what everyone thought of four feathers. i'm sure most of us, (or at least some of us), saw it this past weekend, but no one's talking about it. i've been dying to discuss it ever since i went to the sneak preview, (but i didn't want to spoil it for anyone). come on, everyone, post your reviews!

-- sarah shultz (, September 27, 2002


Hey Sarah i LOVED it!!! i think it is the best movie ever!! lol i cryed so much in it!! lol i was sooooooo sad but then soooooo happy : so what did everyone else think about it???

-- Sue (, September 30, 2002.

Good good!!! It doesn't come out here until January so NO SPOILERS!!!!!! lol!!!

Hugs Angie

-- Angie (, September 28, 2002.

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