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oh god, They (being Facility Trading Services, Part of PSPCNO1) rung me at work, God Knows were they got that info from and said that they were the inland revenue, They said there Computers had gone down and needed some info from our payroll dept, they Asked how long I d been working, my job title, etc, they even knew my NI Number. I thought it was suspicious and phoned the inland revenue, to ask if they had contacted my work and asked if the Computers had gone down, they SAID THEY HADNT Rung me At all.The Inland revenue told me that it was illegal for someone to pretend they are from the Inland Revenue and gave me the Polices Phone Number, then about 3 hours later I get a call from FTS saying that I owe them about 5ok, (shit) My repossion was in 199 I ve Had Letters but have been ignoring them and now I Dont know what to do? Can they harass me at work? Do I qualify for this 6 Year policy? I dont know what to do and Im Panicing?What is a SCARN?? Should I ring the police and grass them up? Can anyone help ? PLEASE FROM A VIRGIN OF THE Reposession World

-- K (, September 27, 2002


No they cannot contact you at work without your permission. See your Telecomms department as they may be able to trace the number that called in, otherwise speak to British Telecom. As the law has been broken they may be able to trace it, but you would need to get the police involved too!

Also, no-one can call stating a lie, especially from the Inland Revenue!

A SCARN (SARN): Is a Subject Access Request Notice. It may be best to get someone independant from the debt to apply for this on your behalf (so not to acknowlegde the debt). You will need to write a letter of authorisation. They have 40 days to comply & can charge upto 10. These can be v useful!

The 6 year rule applies to lenders who have signed up to the Mortgage code (Council of Mortgage Lenders). Otherwise the 12yr rule may apply under the Limitation Act.

-- Geoff Winters (, September 27, 2002.

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