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-- Anonymous, September 27, 2002


I've been doin it for a motnh or so. I caught onquick. Everyone thinks i have been doin it for years until they ask. How i started? Well i watched a few people at some local raves and some online videos at sites such as www.houseofrave.com . I Put on sum good trance in my room one night, just started Liquiding. Mentally, you are as stable as from when you first start as any other time. Just try anything and everything. If its in public, dont worry about how it looks to others. If they dont dig it, they are there to have fun anyway. just flow with the music. Dont try to copy someone elses style. basic's, sure. But try to make up your own little style.

Getting Started: I started with my finger tips together and make a wave from one side to the other. The best way to make it look good is to make sure when one hand flows to the other. The transition. Make it as fluid as possible. It'll take a few hours or so to get the feel of it. After a few days of good practice u can gap your hands/finger tips a little bit. Shoulders, elbows, whole body, legs. Jsut keep everything movin to the beat. Keep it interesting.

Speed: Its not a speed contest, unless ur usin Glowsticks then its jsut plain cool to go fast. Anyway, Liquid. Think about it. Water can flow fast or slow. Depending on how it matches your mood, the music, anything. Just keep it fluid.

Smile: Oh yeah. Have fun with it. Nothing is wrong. You CAN NOT GO WRONG With ravin'.

Other types of "Rave Dancing" are: Box Liquid Break Pop Glowsticking (Hands, strings) Poi Body Tracin' Stop and Go And they go forever.

If you dont feel comfortable liquiding within a week or 2, maybe its not for you. Try Other types. Or just keep at it.

Like i said, Have fun. I know im not an expert, im jsut tryin to hlep other beginers. Hit me up on AIM: TheseFilthyTears


-- Anonymous, September 27, 2002

And as previously stated many times. There is NO WAY to actualyl TEACH raving. I was just sharing how i got started. Later again.

-- Anonymous, September 27, 2002

iG'day mate...yeh like he said..just go to a rave and look at the moves u like..try them in a corner and go home and practise and practise...nothing is right and wrong its just what feels good and what makes you happy...im not sure of this liquid turm because im an aussie...but just take some good drugs..dont go over bored and just do what feels right to the music...easy...enjoy and happy raving mate

-- Anonymous, September 29, 2002

thanks u guys for giving me all da tips. ill try my best.

-- Anonymous, September 29, 2002

the best way to learn is to try...listen to good music that makes you feel euphoric and just do what feels right. i've noticed that people who are learning to dance have the most innovative and unique moves before they are sucked into the "liquid" style...after that it's all the same old liquid.

to hold the glowstick make the sign language sign for "i love you." your pinky and pointer fingers are up and your middle and ring fingers are against your palm. place the glowstick on the base that your ring and middle finger forms and then close your pinky and pointer over it. this gives you the most light and range of movement for your wrist. start out with a basic figure 8. follow your right hand with your left until you have it smooth. once you've got it really smooth start the turn the figure 8 around...and then turn your wrists...your left will follow your right. it takes some practice...i've been dancing for years and my friends get frustrated when they don't just start dancing awesome from the start...but it takes a lot of practice and dedication...but the most important thing about dancing is that it must come from the heart. there is nothing more relaxing than coming home from a stressful day at work and just throwing on some good music and dancing...dance for yourself...not for others...then you will truly be a good dancer.


-- Anonymous, October 02, 2002

Yep. U can also hold the sticks at the ends, which i find is easier for Figure-8's and such. But yeah, just feel the music. PLUR.

-- Anonymous, October 02, 2002

when you rave just go with it. dancing is art. and art isnt allways the same just feel the music and go.

-- Anonymous, November 05, 2002

like cjs said its not the same do your own thing. do what makes you feel good.

-- Anonymous, November 06, 2002

Well i reallt do not have an answer, but i really want to know how to just over the computer. I am in the fith grade. I can only do the head spin for ABOUT 2 seconds. I really want to know how to do that spin when you don't let your feet touch the ground and you spin from your back to your chest. TEACH ME ASAP!!!!!! by the way i was born in 1990 and i am 12 years old and in the fith grade, wait i all ready told you that i am in the fith grade, WHATEVER!! Write back at LaPantera@aol.com

-- Anonymous, December 22, 2002

raving is easy,once you learn the liquid style the other styles seem like a piece of cake or they will be more easier to learn. try moving the middle section of your legs then your upper body like liquid. it makes it seems as if you whole body is liquid. and the secret to popping. remember stop,pop,stop,pop and from there who knows :D so there ya go.keep practicing

-- Anonymous, June 01, 2003

Hey fellow ravers, thanks alot, I have been looking all over the net, and this little post here helped me out the most so far, I just wanted to say thank you. PLUR for all! ^_^

-- Anonymous, July 03, 2003

Ahha its bene a loonng time since I've seen this. I'm glad it's still helping people. We gotta get this NC rave scene kickin again. Im still dancin. I hope everyone is doing ok. Later kidz. PLUR. AIM: NinjaMuthaFacku


-- Anonymous, August 02, 2003


-- Anonymous, October 12, 2003

well ive been going to raves with my boyfriend and he can dance so awesome, i love the way it looks and i'd love to be able to do it too, he uses lights that r like rings on his fingers, i wana look as good as him, can anyone start me off on learning how to get some moves down to start with?

-- Anonymous, January 21, 2004

Ok, this is a tip for everyone who wants to learn glowsticking. I haven't been raving for very long, bout a month, but I'm already pretty good and have made up a few moves of my own. When I first began, all I wanted to know was the techniques, that's it. That's also the reason I didn't go very far to begin with. What I did do though, was put a ruberband around my wrist. This way, when I wanted to move the glowsticks around, I was forced to roll my wrist. After I felt confident with that, I took the ruberband off and started trying it, and no matter what happens, don't just stop. It's one of the worst things you can do. If you are trying something new and screw up, don't start over, just keep going. Chances are that your hands are going to move into a new position that you probably haven't tried before. The next key element in glowsticking is music. This could possibly be the most influential element in glowsticking. It's all about the music and the beat. It usually helps if you close your eyes while your learning new stuff. You take away you focus on holding your glowsticks and start to focus more on where your hands are, but not where you want to move them. Don't think about where your are going to move your hands, they will move on their own and there will be much more grace involved this way. Lastly, to get the basics of glowsticks, you must understand that everything you do follows a pattern. Even more so, geometry plays a huge role with glowsticks. And I'm not just talking about angles, but all sorts of geometrical shapes. When you get into the angles, you start doing the "Box" or tut some people call it. With shapes though, the possibilities are endless. Think of a parabola, nothing more than an arch. Now if you were to do that while rotating your glowsticks in circles, it would make for a decent move. It's all about rythm and just being relaxed. So have a good time raving.

P.S. A great song to start to rave to is "Mindcircus" by Way out west, but get the fred numf remix version. Rave on!

Posted by: The Jester

-- Anonymous, March 12, 2004

yea for some ppl that want some movies here is a nice places at da bottom. the girl w/ da BF doin the ring photon i think wat u r lookin fo is on there 2 its like the 26th one down.... i got alot of ideas from ppl on here..but DONT STEAL just get inspired...


-- Anonymous, April 14, 2004

like the guy said earlier once you learn the wave you basically have learned it all. you will learn the figure 8 without even realizing it. tracing you body parts are next my favoites move is when you do the arm trace followed up by a stomach trace. well i hope you are still raving. never quit!!!!!!!!!!!

one bean, one rave, one love!

-- Anonymous, May 20, 2004

Well, I saw real raves at Otakon 2004, and ever since then Ive wanted to be as good as the people I saw.

What little I know I taught myself, in my own style, but Im really lacking the ability to flow and look cool at the same time. Plus, sometimes my hands smack off each other and make me look like a dumbass.

I would really like to further my glowsticking, but theres nobody around here I can learn off of. Does anyone know of any online tutorial or anything?

-- Anonymous, October 14, 2004

Hey guys i'm Daz, 18, M, Aussie. I've been raving for just over a year now - i'm an aussie so the scene isnt as pumpin as u guys but were getting there, i've only started doing glowsticking as a serious dance style for about 6 weeks, joining a couple of the forums here and there getting some tips, but i find my biggest problem is everyone talks about the 'eagle-claw-grip' and the 'conventional-grip' but very people actually explain what it is.

chances are i probably use the grip very similar - someone earlier mentioned the peace sign or i love you sign i think? thats sorta the one i use but i do prefer gripping the base and pointing them straight out for fig8 maneuvres and such. anyhow to the point feel free to add me to msn if you consider yourself well-established in glow-sticking as the lack of advanced talent here is quite dismal ;( and i'd say my style is unique but crude my transitions and such arent top-knotch because i'm not entirely sure what i'm searching for. The lack of other people to look and discuss techniques with is depressing most of the ravers here just jump around do some swirls and what-not which is fine but i'd like to go further. The whole tracing idea that people discuss is essential to glowsticking i'm not entirely catching on to the idea i havnt seen it performed and i dont know what grips to use etc etc could someone please explain! also once again add me if you consider yourself established i'd luv to talk to someone about it all

-- Anonymous, October 22, 2004

well i appreciate all the tips that everyone had given me...its great! i just turned 18 in august...and my cousin said she would take me to some more raves since im an adult now hahaha...well just wanted to THANK EVERYONE! bye from the one that asked the question! ALiKaT

-- Anonymous, October 22, 2004

if you have Kazza Look for liqid videos ANYTHING with eric in it is BOSS !! obtw How do become imformed of a Rave Ive never been and really want to go. Ive been independantly liquiding for a year now so I sholdnt look like a noobie. any help would bve appreciated Burnout

-- Anonymous, November 09, 2004

Liquid is the cosmic dance of the universe. Clear your mind and let the universe move you. Everything moves in this way. Remember potential is infinite and so there is as many moves. Walk in truth with love in your heart and this dance will take you to levels of unfathomable potential.

love anf truth Bodhi

-- Anonymous, November 26, 2004


awesome website to watch people raving away vids of: -liquiding -poi -Glowstringing -glowsticking :)

-- Anonymous, December 05, 2004

i seriosly dont now how to rave i need ur help i wanna learn just plane raving with no glow sticks nothing just raving with hands and feet! my friend nows how to rve realy good shes 13 and i wanna start going out and raving too PLEASE PLEASE help!!! please just list some good steps or a good site thanks soooo much sasha

-- Anonymous, January 27, 2005

I think holding the sticks by the end as opposed to weaved between the fingers so the palms can face each other is both a cheap shortcut and less enjoyable. Keep in mind that liquid has its roots in tai chi - the aspect of moving your palms around close together without letting them touch (its supposed to create internal engery or something). And aside from that I just think it feels more "liquid" and flowing, more comfortable, when you have your palms facing each other. The worst thing you could do when trying liquid is to be too stiff and mechanical, and when I try holding the sticks by the ends thats how I feel. When you weave the sticks in your fingers you dont have to squeeze to hold on to them, and this lets you be more loose in your arms, helping you to be, again, liquid.

-- Anonymous, January 30, 2005

hey man, i completely agree i cant do the whole claw stuff n i love u signs, its too complicated to continue moving to the beat, i just pop sum e take glowsticks and rave, when i first started i was completely lost in what i wanted to do, so i went to a rave for the 1st time with a friend of mine, i saw him doing some crazy shit with the glowsticks, n thats when i realized wut i wanted to do, im not a liquid type though, only when a slower beat comes on i do it, i like more liquid/fast movements, more trippy, more fun ;)

and with the figure 8 thing, just make sure u keep ur arms smooth n dont tense up feel the music n just go 4 it, make up ur own moves as ur goin, dont think bout it too much


-- Anonymous, February 15, 2005

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