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In trying out my relatively new Maxxum 9 I used the Custom Function feature to set camera to shoot bracketed exposures (-1, Metered Exp, +1) in Program function. Now that I wish to disengage that particular Custom Function I find that the Manual gives no instructions of how to clear it. The instructions given relate to returning to a default function which is merely another version of the same Bracketing procedure (i.e. Metered Exp first then -1, then +1... or something like that). Nowhere in the Manual can I find any information on clearing Custom Functions.

Unfortunately where I live (Barbados, W.I.) there are no Pro Camera Shops or good Camera Repair Services I can go to for this problem. I would truly appreciate any advice/help that anyone could give me. Or maybe someone could steer me in the direction of an expert who would know the intracicies of the Maxxum 9.

Thanks in advance for your kind assistance.

Winston Edghill

P.S. Will send the kind benefactor(s)one of the photos I've taken with my Maxxum as a memento.

-- Winston Edghill (, September 26, 2002

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