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I see that the firm of "Freemans - Solicitors" have two mentions as being a firm that is commited to giving help. One by the Independant Banking Advisory Service(IBAS) and one in their own right. I went to this firm on the recommendation of IBAS (I had to become a menber at a cost of around 120.00) to recieve their help. I only hope that my experiance of Freemans is isolated but I really did finish with them in a worse position than I started with. For an example it took them nearly two years to try to obtain public funding and they failed at the end of that.The reason given by the LSC was that the applications were improperly made out.(like unsigned and insufficient information) I finished in court with an order giving possession of my home, without legal representation. I have made a formal complain to the law society! They were also ordered by the judge to pay cost for the waste of court time. The circumstances, I believe, had similarities with Lloyds Bank V Wetheralls. Any other Experiances?????

-- Patrick Scully (, September 26, 2002


My car is reposesed las 26 of August & aren't now what I can do please some body can give me some information please.

-- guadalupe galvan (, October 04, 2002.

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