cutter to cut down 70mm/5 inch film to120/220 needed : LUSENET : Dirck Halstead : One Thread

who has an idea how to cut these films down, or who sells an affordable cutting machine. if somebody can deliver this item i can send 2 rolls of special(hard to get) agfa avicolor 70mm perforated H100(H=Hard, very contrasty 100 asa color-negative-film, 100 feet, made for aerial(high altitude). film can easily be pulled by changing temperature/devel. time without loosing colors/quality. you can shoot brilliant colornegative at a bad day! no other film can do this. ok, mayb some special aerial films from kodak you will never get. i use this film for panoramic work. empty 70mm-cartridges wanted too. with box. (unique 3d-aeropanoramas will be shown soon)

-- michael przewrocki (, September 26, 2002


agfa has a unique new x100? film without orange mask! ideal for scanners! i do not have this film yet. unfortunately smallest size is 70mm. if we could cut down 126mm version to 120 or 220 this could be fantastic. colors and grain of the avicolor(avi=aero)-films are now sensational. 140 lpmm- my website and see the result of using n400 (400/640 asa).btw: agfa has now new n800 or

i am still looking for a cutter.

-- michael przewrocki (, June 22, 2003.

Well I am looking for 5 inch roll film for a WWII K-24 Aerial Camer. B & w of course. Any ideas. Nial Castle in san diego

-- Nail Castle (, May 05, 2004.

I already have said I need 5 inch b & w aerial film but I would like to add that I have a NEW NEVER OUT OF THE BOX wwii k-14 WITH ORIGINAL

-- Nail Castle (, July 30, 2004.

look in the ads of popularphotography or shutterbug, ask dr.roy christian of aptos/ca.or george s.pearl of atlanta/georgia(iapp- member) or any other member listed on iapp-site ( ask agfa.they have a special aerial dpt. in mortsel/belgium. ask ilford in uk, mobbersly or the like. fomos of russia could deliver any film/developper. even 80mmm!!!(yes this exists/existed in cold war!!!, you can imagine why). to prevent the "enemy" to use the exotic aerial cameras when they have picked one....but i have difficulties communicating. no answer. i have met them at photokina. the have b+w, colorslide(also infrared).some years ago i have learnt from them that their b+w-IR-filmtype outperformed the kodak-version in terms of resolution(AGFA confirmed)but speed was 1/3 to 2/3 stops below. meanwhile maco has ir-alternatives. btw: i have 46m/126mm(unperforated) of that rare agfa aviphot avicolor h100 very high contrast colornegativefilm. you can control contrast (bending it) by changin developping time and temperature. it is similar to new ultra 100(only up to 120-size. colors will not degrade!! that other special agfa avicolor x-100 mentioned above is world-exclusivelyavailable as non-mask-version-ideal for scanning.

-- michael przewrocki (, July 31, 2004.

agfa has now new x400. old n-400(400/640)is also fantastic. see 3d-stereo-aeropanorama(180) i still need a 126/70mm to 120/220-cutter. there are at least 3 solutions on the net. but i need complete hardware.

-- michael przewrocki (, January 09, 2005.

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