Wheathering and soils

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why does the top of the snowy(volcanes) is cold instead of be hot becuase is closer to the sky? Why we don't see to much feldspar on sedimentary rocks?

-- Susie Villacis (villacis@oswego.edu), September 25, 2002


I will answer your second question because it is something that we discussed in class. Feldspar chemically weathers relatively quickly to clay minerals (plus some ions from feldspar are carried away in the water that reacted with the mineral). Therefore most feldspar breaks down before they can be eroded away and deposited as sediments. If the climate is dry so that there isn't much chemical weathering, or if feldspar can be eroded and deposited quickly (before it can all turn to clay) it can be trapped and become part of a sedimentary rock.

-- Sharon Gabel (gabel@oswego.edu), September 30, 2002.

When mountains get cold, they freeze.

-- Marie Shantell (hungary@aol.com), November 06, 2002.

are there any good soil on Erta'Ale? It's a volcano

-- Shana Latrice Evans (janaferevans@ftp.com), January 29, 2003.

In the volcano of Erta'ale, are there any good soil?

-- Janafer Evans (janaferevans@ftp.com), January 29, 2003.

they smell

-- mic smell retard turner (mitchell turner @retard.com), November 04, 2003.

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