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Hey again, I saw that no one has posted anything so I thought you guys wouldn't mind me asking another question. My question is that if anyone would have photos from the later part of th C of G. If not any era would do. I've decided not to do my freelance railroad but to go with the C of G. I'm looking for pictures of the C of G in or close to Savannah. Being a member of the GA Historical Society and traveling to the Bull St. Library I have great access to many pictures. I'm sure someone out there has a great photo that they wouldn't mind sharing. Also, if you have C of G model photos, those would help to. I'll respect your right about copyright. I would be mad too if someone took my picture and said it was his. This would be a great help and I'll owe you one. If you have one please send it to

Thanks! Jason

PS-I plan to join the C of G Historical Society at the Savannah meeting. :-)

-- Jason Casting (, September 25, 2002

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