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I am seeking info on the James Lee Co. of Chicago around the early 1900's They made a lot of prints, one of whitch was titled My First Partner, can anyone help. I would like info on this print, thanks

-- Norm (, September 24, 2002


I would also be interested in this early company info. I have two prints from several generations back. They are fruit prints. # 6102 and #6103. They have the luminescence effect and are really quite lovely.

-- Betty Allen Hall (, November 24, 2002.

I also have a print made by this company. I belonged to my Grandmother and is dated 1906. It is # 3631 and is called watching for poppa.

-- Barbara Branch (, December 12, 2002.

I am also looking for info on the James Lee Co. of Chicago. My print is from 1913 and called True Blue with a number 9003 on it.


-- Michael Andrion (, June 06, 2003.

I'm also looking for information for the print A Quiet Sail from the James Lee Co, Chicago. Copyright on my print says 1906. Are these prints worth anything?

-- Mary Ann Taylor (, August 12, 2003.

I also have the print "Looking For Papa with the copyright of 1906 James Lee Co. of Chicago I was looking on the internet trying to find info on the print and didnt find a thing, so I decided to type in James Leee Co. and this is what I found. Has any one found out anything yet?

-- Missey Simpkins (, September 03, 2003.

I have two prints " Repaired while you wait" #3625 and " Did you lay dis egg" # 3624. My great grandfather was a master carpenter and he placed these two prints in the door of a wall medicine cabinet. One print is under glass and is mint condition. Does anyone have any Knowledge on these prints?

-- Thomas Hunter (, October 26, 2003.

I am also seeking information on The James Lee Co. My grandparents just gave me a print entitled "The Milk Maid", No. 6000, that belonged to my great-grandmother. It is still framed as my great- grandmother had it. I would appreciate any information on the printing company as well as the print.

-- Jeff (, November 14, 2003.

I'm also looking for information on that subject. I was given a picture of that nature. Please let me know if any information is out there. Thanks

-- Cyndy Lawson (, November 30, 2003.

i also have a print from the"james lee co."of chicago dated 1906 the title of the print is "fuss and fun" any information on either the print or the james lee co. is greatly appreciated

-- lemont (, December 10, 2003.

i have print # 3634 "Love Making" published by James Lee Co Chicago.. anyone have any info about it.. or others by the same?

-- Deborah (, March 08, 2004.

i am searching for imformation on jameslee co chicago ihave aprint no 3634 making love it was my grandparents have you found anything helpful

-- deb (, March 08, 2004.

I have a print copyrighted 1906 TOUCH HER IF YOU DARE It I Believe is in an original frame ornately wood carved frame kind of looks like gold leaf old old partchment paper, on the paper it has an insignia that says IF YOU TRADE WITH US ONCE YOULL TRADE AGAIN (RED BACK GROUND) The picture is of a colley standing over a little girl. The little girl is holding a doll. I am very interested in the history of this picture. It is in mint condition

-- Daneen Dustin (, April 29, 2004.

I also have a print from James Lee Co. No. 850 "Simply to thy Cross I Cling" Does Anybody know anything about this?


-- Frank head (, May 02, 2004.

I also have a print (lithigraph) by James Lee Chicago 1905 It's the Lords Prayer. Beautiful detail and colors. The frame looks original. I also have not been able to find any info on either.

-- Mary N (, August 06, 2004.

I am also seeking information on this company. I have two prints from this compay from back in the late 1890's. One is of a little girl peeking over the fence at a little boy and girl, the caption being "I DON'T LIKE YOU ANY MORE" and another one of 3 horses in the picture. any information would be great.

-- Kelly Perry (, August 10, 2004.

I'm seeking information about a James Lee print "Charity Begins At Home" with copyright date of 1904.

-- Esther Monlezun (, August 26, 2004.


-- Savanha Yontz (, October 07, 2004.


-- Savanha Yontz (, October 07, 2004.

Wish I had an answer, but just have a question. I have a print, "The Angel's Whisper" Copyrite 1904 James Lee, Chicago Ill. I've not been able to fine any other copy of this print, and would like some information about it.

-- Cathy (, November 12, 2004.

I can't believe that there are so many people out there with pictures from the James Lee Co. of Chicago and yet no one has any idea about this company or its existence. I believe that someone out there does know, so please help me and those other people looking for the same information. Thank You!!

-- Lemont Crocker (, November 22, 2004.

I have my Great Grandmothers print #3207 copyright 1906 "Popular Fruits". I saw some prints like these at a antique mall in Stillwater, Ok a year or so ago. The price was $25.00 I believe.

-- Bruce Kime (, December 07, 2004.

I also have a 1905 print numbered 3618 and titled Playing with little Sister. I would like to know who originally painted this picture. The colors are beautiful. My grandmother gave it to me. Would appreciate any information. Jan. 01,2005

-- Catherine Horine (, January 01, 2005.

I also have this print (My First Partner). Given to me by my Great- grandmother. Is there any information available about the company or the print? Thanks!

-- Michelle Goodman (, January 04, 2005.

i a.sure wish i had answer thankslso have 1906 gog bless our home floral

-- jane monroe (jm, February 17, 2005.

I, too, am looking for some information about a picture that was my grandmother's, titled-"Bringing Home Papa". I knew this company had to be located in Chicago somewhere because my grandmother did her shopping there for her home located in Hudson, Illinois. My print is from 1906. If you know anything about the co. or where I can get info, let me know.

-- Pamela Kuhn (, March 15, 2005.

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