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My husband is being persued for 10,000 shortfall after his ex wife had the house repossesed but never informed him. The Halifax never informed him either even though they had his new address since July 97. We have done everything we can to get the answers we were looking for. Today a letter has arrived from the solicitors telling us the halifax will accept 4,000 and we have 7 days to make a decision or they will take him to court. I have told him to make a full and final offer of 1,000, but he wants to borrow the money and pay what they are asking just to get it over with. Can anyone give any advice or encouragement as it is really annoying me that I feel the Halifax and his ex have won. As far as we know they are not persuing her for a penny.

-- Christine Singleton (Middleforth1@aol.com), September 24, 2002


They are yanking your chain, that is nearly 50% of the shortfall hello????? Offer 1,000 quid (with the means to pay 1500- 2,000 up your sleeve) and they will take it. Do ensure that you have the paperwork signed sealed and delivered to ensure they can't come back on you for the rest.

-- Too scared to say (iwasduped@yahoo.com), September 24, 2002.

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