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She`s gone!!!!!!! ,man handled into a van by two faceless bandits with no respect for anyones property ,In broad daylight outside my office probably never to be seen again.I feel as though part of me has died.Its unexplainable the love we have for our bikes I`ve never felt this bad.Goodbye my hot blooded italian princess.

Reg NoX811VUA. Chassis No.ZCGF401BAYVOO2498 Engine No.YO3090 Red & Silver MV AGUSTA F4S 2000 twin rad model with suade leather seat otherwise Standard.If its good news E mail me!!! Thanks Guys Robert

-- Robert Stevenson (, September 24, 2002


Where did this take place? How far down the SPR queue are you?

-- mod (, September 24, 2002.

Sad news. I hope someone finds it, but the reality is that people like this will probably damage it.

MVs are hard to miss, so hopefully your motorcycling community will spot it quick. Maybe an email to MCN or something will help?

Over here when this happens vehicles go straight to Mexico, never to be seen again. I would guess it would be harder to hide an MV in the UK, but again, you may not want it back if someone finds it...

I feel for you.

-- Andy Ruhl (, September 24, 2002.

Lancaster England.Mid afternoon, broad daylight ,Busy Industrial Estate,Outside my office,datatool evo immobiliser alarm,datatag,security marking,datadot transponders.What the hell else can you do?To answer mods question,no I`m not on the spr list , can`t wait that long!! Andy I think you are right ,opportunist maybe,but i think stolen for parts,can`t beleive they would ride her around ,keep your eyes on the classifieds, but she was unmarked,1800mls only,just serviced,last seen being thrown on her side in the back of an old van. Thoughtless Scum !!!!Hope the alarms deafened the bastards!!!

-- Robert Stevenson (, September 24, 2002.

Sorry to hear that dude,being an island and maybe a close mv comunity we should all keep a look out for any mv spares,and any trackbikes that seem a bit sus.Its my guess these guys are not hardend mv fans being the bike is thrown on its side,so they may not realise that most mv riders will be on the lookout.I say if it was my bike and it was found by any one on this site,i would visit them and kick the shit out of them,(either that or you can stand by while they do there 200 hours comunity service).Like i say sorry to here that dude if i am offered any thing i promise to save you the remains of the thieving bastards.

-- charles richards (, September 24, 2002.

Thanks for the support guys we need to stick together to tackle this problem in the UK.To quote Val Paraque a fellow owner and friend from the US,its true we work bloody hard for years to be privilidged enough to own such a beautiful and rare machine then some thoughtless theiving bastard comes along and steals it without a thought for the machine never mind the owner.Can you imagine the damage they caused dropping it on its side in a moving van.UNBELEIVABLE!!!!If they find it, will I be able to get the parts???Doesn`t bare thinking about.

-- Robert Stevenson (, September 25, 2002.

Sorry to hear the bad news, something you could try should you get another MV is the datatool pager you can get for 100,may give you an edge next time. regards and sympathies Peter

-- Peter Arrigoni (, September 26, 2002.

I feel your pain! I have lived in southern Arizona for four years and i just lost my third bike to theft! the first one was through fraud, guy gave me a bad cashiers check and he got away with my Ducati. next one was stolen two weeks after i bought it, it was a 2000 Harley Davidson Fatboy (yes i know, shame on me for owning it) and lastly my 91 VFR400, the only good news is that they "tried" to take my MV but went for the decoy bike that was not as well locked up. not that i wanted either to go but i would rather them take a $3000 bike than something that i have invested well over $20,000. Good luck with this

-- Robbie (, December 27, 2002.

Wow. I'm really sorry, Robert. Not sure if insurance in the UK works the way it does in the US, but if so, you'd be pretty much in a position to get a 2002 MV, right? I hope that would be the silver lining on this cloud.

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Arizona) (, December 28, 2002.

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