Lloyds TSB possession of home on a second charge

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Lloyds Bank sold me "key man type" insurence.Later Doctor advised that I finish work, so I tried to claim. Premiums were refunded because of unspecified pre-medical conditions. Lloyds refused to admit they were wrong.I proceeded to take Lloyds to the Banking Ombudsman, but was offered a silly compensation of 1600.00, but the Ombudsman refused to revisit the Insurence part. My health deteriated and eventually my business was forced to close. ( with the help of Lloyds Bank)Unfortunatly I had given ,unwillingly, a personall guarantee for a maximum of 10.000 supported by a charge on my home.The courts this week unfairly "struck out my defence and counterclaim" and have given possession in 28 days.Can anyone offer some advise on how to fight these Banks?

-- Patrick Scully (psdl22168@blueyonder.co.uk), September 24, 2002



Sorry to hear about your situation.

I think the best cause of action for you is to contact your local CAB. Should the CAB not be able to help check out the who helps - (free help) section of this web site.


I am a little confused as to why the Banking Ombudsman would deal with this matter when it is an insurance related complaint.

Did you accept your compensation payment and if so did you sign in full and final settlement

If you haven't accepted full settlement also try contacting

www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk or www.fsa.gov.uk

Hope this helps



-- Paul Adamson (paul.adamson@btclick.com), October 12, 2002.

Following on from my original letter:- In july I submitted a formal complain to the OSS. (6 months later they still have not even written to the firm of solicitors. Sent an application to appeal.Again still waitng (4 Months) Have asked thr Financial Ombudsman to relook , satill waiting, again. Seema they really do look after their own

-- Patrick Scully (psdl22168@blueyonder.co), January 12, 2003.

I did take your advice and the FSA made the OSS re-examine my complaint against Freeman's solicitors.The conclusion reached was that there was serious poor service. The firm offered me 3900.00 as compensation. I have refused this because this firm wasted 2 years and did nothing. In the meantime the cost of the other side as well as the intrest far exceeds the offer that has been made. It does not either take into consideration the legal mess that I have been left in

-- Patrick Scully (psdl22168@blueyonder.co), January 08, 2004.

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