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I posted a message last week, but unfortunately, have had no reply.

To recap, handed keys back to Halifax in 95. Seperated from husband 97. Got 1st letter from Addleshaw Booth & Co 97.

Letter stated that I owe 30,862+ grand. Wrote back asking for proof of shortfall, plus copy of MIG and also saying that I felt they had undersold property, and asked for proof they had not claimed from MIG. Also told them now divorced, working part time bringing up a child. Got letter back saying costs of sale were 2213.

I wrote back saying I would pay HALF of costs (i.e. 1106.5) providing they got the other half from ex. Started paying 10 month standing order. Didn't hear anything further until Monday 16th Sept 2002, so assumed they accepted this arrangement. 16/09/02Got letter from Counselling Intermediary Services, stating I owe Halifax K30232 and would I like to discuss a settlement offer?

I bought a house in 2000 with new partner and am worried they can have a claim on it. I have cancelled Standing order, but feel this may have been silly, should I re-instate it, but who to? I had been paying Addleshaw.

In view of my previous letter, I feel I should offer them 500 or so to make up to original settlement I offered, but do you think they will accept this? I have asked for all docs listed in 'what to do' on site ie. mortgage deed, mig, endowment policies, advert mats, etc, plus all letters sent to or received from myself or my ex husband. Have also written to Halifax, Addleshaw and Counselling Intermidiary asking how much SARN costs are.

I do not want to lose my home again, plus why should my current partner be punished for something that happened 4 years before I met him. They have also NEVER contacted my ex husband, even though they knew where he used to live (he has moved now).

I still have my daughter living with me and have no extra cash.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated.

-- One angry mother (madcow678@hotmail.com), September 23, 2002


Go to the Section "Repossession" on this site first of all and read the Do's and Dont's. Also read the info on SARN's (Subject Access Request Notice.)

You will need to serve a SARN on the Halifax and you'll find a copy of a standard letter in this same section. The Halifax will probably write back telling you the cost for providing the SARN info is 10. SEnd them a postal order (the least info they have on you the better) Send it Recorded Delivery and keep the slip.

I would also perhaps add a bit to the SARN letter saying "I refer to recent communication etc and have to advise that I cannot at present accept any liability for the monies you are demanding. Perhaps when you provide the relevant documentation in support of your claim, I may be in a position to review my position"

Because you've been paying some money it might be chancing it a bit but you've nothing to lose I think.

They must reply to your SARN letter within 40 working days. If they don't reply come back to this site and you'll find out how to complain to the Information Commissioner.

Don't panic...don't phone them or talk to them on the phone.

I'm in the same position as you and all I try to do is keep reading the info on the site. It can be a bit mind boggling at first but eventually it will sink in!

If you have more queries e mail me or put a posting on the site as there are others who know millions more than me.

Hope this helps


-- hanging in there! (Anderston828@aol.com), September 23, 2002.

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