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i'm Eudora and i am 16 yrs old. A neighbour wanted me to teach her 7 yr old daughter piano after she heard my playing--she wanted her daughter to play just as well. This girl has had piano lessons before, and still quite a beginner. I am only equipped with a pass in Grade 5 theory and an LLCM dip for prctical.

Right, so i guess my lessons should be recital-based.(teaching to play pieces via occasional theory). But, i mean, whoa, where do i start? how do i know what books to use for beginners? What do i begin with--err..basically how to get the lesson running? Similarly, is there any way i can get information on the charged-rates(since i am from Singapore)? Am i supposed to include aural lessons too? (since the mother said her daughter has a good ear)?

Gee, it's a whole lot of questions and thankfully i told the mother i can only commit myself after the GCE O-levels in Nov. That leaves me with about 2 mths to prepare. haha I believe i do need advice. AaRrgGhh!

-- Eudora Tong (e_udora@hotmail.com), September 22, 2002


Hi Eudora.

Find yourself a good teacher to continue learning! Also, find a good teacher who teaches beginners and would be willing to allow you to observe lessons...there is soooo much to be learned by observing. If you really want to do this, and do a good job keep learning and growing yourself!

Secondly, as far as materials are concerned, look at Faber and Faber "Piano Adventures" PRIMER LEVEL is the one you want for your nnew student...It will be a fabulous program for a 7 year old. I use it almost exclusively now and love it...it's in a 3 part core program: Lesson Book, Technique and Artistry Book and Theory Book. You will find there is a lot of opportunity for developing the ear, the eye and the body at the piano.

Let me know what you think of it. It's very popular and of the highest quality.

Sincerely, Grace Ferguson

Just take a bit of time to go over the Pri

-- Grace Ferguson (w_ferguson@sympatico.ca), September 25, 2002.

Hi, if she wants her daughter to play just as well as you then she needs to go the the same teachers you went to. Unless you are highly organized (and some are at 16) and have had a lot of experience observing lessons being taught, I'm not sure you would have at this time the ability (or the language) for teaching...but everyone has to start somewhere.

Use Faber and Faber Piano Adventures Primer level Use the entire system(Lesson Book, Theory Book and especially the Technique and Artistry Book) Get to know the material first (shouldn't take long) and then plan out your lessons.

Faber's the very best that I've seen so far for covering the entire needs of the beginner.

Good luck.

-- Grace Ferguson (g_ferguson@sympatico.ca), May 28, 2003.

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