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Your Homecoming Dress is BEAUTIFUL!!! I just came from snooping your site like I do every time you update LOL!!!!..... I think youre beautiful in it!!!!!!!! Hee hee hee....whats up with the dog collar??? :o)

-- Amanda (Amanda@SweetHeathDreams.com), September 22, 2002


Aww! Thanks Amanda! Ok, with the dog collar thing... We went to the Mall and then we went to the dollar store (Where EVERYTHING'S A DOLLAR!) and I saw these dog collars... So I got one, mainly for my dawg, but then I decided that I liked it, so I started to wear it... And then when I took those pictures I forgot to take it off, LOL!

Always Emily~*~

-- Emily~*~ (emilykhealy@hotmail.com), September 22, 2002.

HEHEHEHEHEHE..... the dog collar gives it a kind of a Goth Chic look LOL!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA....... It is beautiful tho!!!!!!

-- Amanda (babysquirrel77@msn.com), September 22, 2002.

AWwwwwww thanx!

-- Emily~*~ (emilykhealy@hotmail.com), September 22, 2002.

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