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I am losing a chicken a week,I go in the pen and there is another one dead. They have fresh water,clean bedding and food and grit everyday.They also seem healthy.HELP

-- tammy taber (, September 21, 2002


dead? as in,, nothing has happened to it, jsut fell over dead? or DEAD, as in, something tried to eat from the inside out? or Dead, as in,, the head has been removed, and strange writing in chicken blood is on the wall?

-- Stan (, September 23, 2002.

Stan, I've never seen three different definitions of dead. You crack me up. LOL

Tammy, are their crops full? It could be impacted by something they are eating that's causing an obstruction. Check to see if there's any small bite marks, could be a weasel if I'm not mistaken they will just make a bite which kills the chicken.

-- Kathy (, September 25, 2002.

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