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I disputed the amount I was charged for a service in court. The creditor lied and the judge appeared to be uninterested in the whole case. Anyway the case is to be concluded next month but I am not going to turn up as I know I have already lost and I am not going through that degrading procedure again. My question is this if I pay the debt in instalments does the ccj still remain for 6 years, even if the debt is paid within 8 months, also how does this affect my chances of getting a mortgage if I look to move home in a few years time. I am presently paying a mortgage and have never missed one payment.

-- Nicki (, September 21, 2002


I would turn up if I were you. The judges take a dim view of no- shows and you should know the exact terms of any judgment against you. The last thing you want is a CCJ against your name - I would avoid it and settle with the creditor out of court if you can. It may not be the same judge and you never know how s/he may rule!

-- Too scared to say (, September 21, 2002.

when a ccj is awarded against you it stays on file for 6 years unless you settle the debt within 28 days of the judgement when it is then not recorded.

-- mark (, September 29, 2002.

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