where did he take or learn acting he is the best at facial expressions an movements the way he carries hisself he is so real with his acting he is a born actor. i love him in his movies he is the best.

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when an were did he start acting an he is the best. he has his facial expressions down. i just cant believe how good he is. he just takes you all in. i love all his movies. but i love i believe pretty woman the best. ive watched it i bet 50 times. even my sons bought it for me for my birthday one year. i feel dumb speaking like this about him. but i cant help it even my husband knows i love him even he does too he says you really have your facial expressions down to a T. anyway if there was a movie star id like to meet it would be you an im getting to old to have a crush on a movie star but i believe i do. i use to dream about being a movie star if i had i would have like to been in one of your movies.


-- sharon yevonn bynum (sha3@bellsouth.net), September 20, 2002

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