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I have a Minolta X700 along with all the optional bits like the motor drive, flash, data back etc., which all work extremely well, but Minolta forgot one very important feature on the X700 - an adjustable viewfinder for people with sight problems and people wearing glasses. I am one of those people who now find it very difficult and getting close to near impossible to focus my X700 even with the Minolta eyepiece corrector fitted. Is there such a thing as a modification to the eyepiece that allows the eyepiece glass to be moved in and out slightly, like is featured on many of the up market cameras these days, to correct the eyepiece view for people with sight problems ?????? Apart from this the X700 is a great camera. Rob Green, Brisbane, Australia.

-- Rob Green (, September 20, 2002


Minolta made several diopters that fit into the eyepiece of any X- series camera. I'd suggest you ask your eye doctor what strength diopter you need and then l÷ook for that on eBay or at or a similar used camera shop.

-- Christian Deichert (, September 21, 2002.

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