What magic is needed to run FlyII! on iMac(Jaguar)

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I have a dandy new iMac with 17" flatscreen and and having !%#$# of a time getting software to run on it.

I've spent hours installing and reinstalling FlyII, only to have it fail to run. Where can I find detailed installation instructions? The manual certainly isn't helpful and I haven't been able to locate a website for the publisher that's useful. Go to Apple's store and they rave about how wonderful FlyII is on Jaguar...okay, so tell me HOW!!

It seems like everything I bought to go with the system (HP printer and scanner) doesn't have drivers for Jaguar yet. Jeez...what a burn!

-- Steve Streeper (steve@streeper.com), September 18, 2002


Sorry I dont have an answer for you. I run Fly2 just fine on my PC, but my friend just got it as a birthday gift, and we cant get it to run worth a crap on his new iMac. It will run, but the frame rate is terrible graphics dont look great. I have an Nvidia card in my PC (64Mb) and it runs beautifully. I believe my friends Mac has an Nvidia w/64Mb as well!?!?

If you find a simple answer, please email me. Bear in mind, I dont know much about Macs.

Good luck. Its a good sim. Its worth some trouble to get going. sgoodman2@nc.rr.com TIA

-- Scott (sgoodman2@nc.rr.com), November 26, 2002.

Yes, please! I bought this last week at the Mac store in Emeryville,CA and have had absolutely zero luck getting it running. I am running a brand new IMAC 17" flatscreen as well. The manual is useless and the online material absent. I bought this sim as I was impressed with what I read. I was even taken in with the fact that it has a Mac OS X sticker on the box. Good grief. Anyone have an idea on this one????

-- Shaun O'Sullivan (shaunosullivan@yahoo.com), December 07, 2002.

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