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All the usual history - bought 1 bed flat with husband 1990, paid 55K, 100% mortgage. Had baby 1993. Halifax unhelpful as far as moving. Handed keys back as per Union Finance advice 1995. Split with husband 1997.

Addleshaw Booth and Co hassled me in 1998. I supplied info requested, re work and earnings, etc and asked for MIG docs - none sent, but received a "statement" saying I owe 30,832, which I refuted. Also said I felt Halifax had undersold the property. They said the costs were 2213, I agreed to pay HALF on the condition they chased ex husband for other half, and set up direct debit to AB&C in 1998. Moved house and jobs loads of times since and heard no more. Ex husband has not been contacted - EVER.

Got a letter on Monday from Counselling Intermidiary Services Ltd acting on behalf of Halifax saying I owe 30,232. I have immediately cancelled standing order to Addleshaw Booth & Co, which was 10 a month.

I am composing a letter to ask for SARNS - I take it I start with the Halifax and work down through AB&C and CISL? Do these cost 10 per company or can I get info from Halifax. Am also asking CISL to get MIG, endowment and mortgage docs. Plus house sale paperwork as I KNOW they undersold by 6K.

I am unsure of route to take as do not want to waste money unnecessarily - do I go through Counselling Intermediary Services Ltd, or direct to Halifax? Am prepared for intimidation tactics they are likely to use, but any advice would be welcome.


-- TT69 (tracey@francisjackson.co.uk), September 18, 2002

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