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For 99.9% of you what I write below will mean nothing to you.

As for those of you who take an interest in Football will know ITV Digital collapsed & through a catalogue of errors by those supposidly running our beautiful game many football clubs have been left with a gaping hole in there budgets.

My beloved Northampton Town are one of those clubs who in theory could go to the wall. Up until a few weeks ago it seemed a millionare would come in & buy the club but that has fallen through & the upshot of it all is that my club needs 500.000 by January 31st 2003 to make it to at least the end of this season.

I along with many other supporters have started racking our brains & started to devise many ways to raise the money & so far after a week of setting up the appeal we have raised just over 100.000.

I along with other supporters among many other message boards, forums & chat rooms are making our plight known as I think using The Internet to the maximum worldwide will get the word across or at the very least might lead to someone knowing someone who knows someone who you never know might take pity on the club & might like to buy us or make a donation however small.

I & other supporters are also contacting celebrities all over the place to see if they will just say a few words about the club & our plight & many have done so much to our delight including local girl & Radio 1 DJ Jo Whiley.

If anyone is vaguely interested in what I have wriiten above please visit: & look for the S.O.S. Campaign logo.

Thanks for taking the time to read the above, meaningless to many but I like to feel I am doing my bit & you never know through my ramblings here I could set a light on in someone's head somewhere hopefully!!

-- Stewart C.Bailey (, September 17, 2002

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